Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Greenpeace welcomes H&M’s commitment to ban PFCs by 2013

Amsterdam, 4 September 2012: Global fashion retailer H &M has committed to a global ban on any further use of Perflourinated Compounds (PFCs) including all formulations (such as C8, C6 and C4) by 1 January 2013. Greenpeace Detox Campaigner Martin Besieux said:

"Greenpeace welcomes H&M's decision to completely ban all uses of PFCs as it begins to deliver on its' Detox commitment to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals from its supply chain and products.

“H&M's leadership position on this issue sends a clear message to all other textile brands that the use of this hazardous and hormone-disrupting group of chemicals is not needed to manufacture clothing. We expect all other clothing brands that care about their customers' safety and the environment to respond with equal ambition and urgency and immediately ban all uses of PFCs.

“This landmark commitment should catalyse wider change within the industry and sends a clear signal to global suppliers, such as W.L. Gore, the makers of "Gore Tex", to create PFC-free alternatives."

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