Monday, October 1, 2012

Hertz turns Six – to continue to provide customized speakers to music aficionados.

The Kolkata based provider of customized speaker systems Hertz has completed six sonorous years in business. The company is highly sought after by connoisseurs for its ability to custom design Speakers according to the requirements of the client and location of the site – customizing shapes, sizes and colour matching with the surroundings so that the speakers may blend in and do what they are meant to – caste a spell of sound!

As an ethical entity, the company is known for its eagerness to provide the customers with full information and knowledge about the product upfront so as to help the customer make the right choice.

Hertz speakers are built to last and every attention is paid to the quality so that the quality of the sound for which Hertz is acknowledged as a master, is matched and backed by the quality of the build. The company is also known for its excellent after sales support, which is customized and helps users build a relationship that lasts – wired by sound.

Says Kausik Mitra, the prime moving force behind the brand: “We believe in the simple philosophy of the product speaking for itself. If it is good and is backed by quality after sales service, the business model is complete.” Little wonder, the company with no advertising and only word of mouth publicity has come this far, having traversed the years. “A referral from a satisfied customer is all the publicity one needs and most of our business comes through referrals only.”

That is no tall claim considering the fact that Hertz speakers can be found adorning the rooms of most of the city’s musicians – who understand the science of sound and are extremely fussy about their equipments.

The company has also successfully completed the installation of speakers in some of the most prestigious auditoriums of the city and is currently besieged with similar orders from different parts of the country.

But considering the kind of success that the products have and the goodwill that has been created around the brand, why not go mass market? “Hertz started out of a passion and we are here because our heart is in our ears. We love what we do and would continue to create speakers that beat the tune of our hearts. By going mass market, we will lose our niche, our effectiveness which is our ability to create a new product suited to a particular need every time. Yes, we too have growth pangs and growth plans as well, but that is restricted to the niche that we have built.”

For More information contact:
Kaushik Mitra
+91 98310 17957


Koushik Maitra said...

Niche clientele of audiophiles and home theater fanatics, excellent products customized to precise requirements, excellent after sales service, kudos Mr Mitra.....way to go....

Frances said...

Aside from this, Hertz also provides equipment and vehicle rentals which makes them one of the more versatile companies around.