Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Veteran Actor Anupam Kher is back with his solo show –
Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai

Kucch Bhi Ho Sakhta Hai is a journey of a man who should have been a failure, but he manipulated his destiny and forced it to make him a success.
Anupam Kher, having acted in almost 400 feature films, is perhaps the most versatile and prolific actor Indian cinema has ever seen. At the zenith of his career and crossroads of his life he pauses to reflect and share his pain, joy, tears and laughter. Anupam’s struggles indeed seems like a commercial film finding some coherence by the sheer determination of the protagonist and interesting twists and turns that life provides in fits and passion.

Kucch Bhi Ho Sakhta Hai is staged as a full production with Anupam narrating and dramatizing the important events in his life e.g. his first romantic encounter, his failure at the Gandhi audition, the casting in Saaransh, his personal relationships etc. Never before, in the history of theatre has the autobiography of an actor been dramatized on stage especially when he is still practicing his craft.

Watch Anupam Kher create magic on stage with Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hain this Friday!

When: Sat, 6th October 2012, 7:30 pm
Where: Dr Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruh, Thane.
Call +919867381234 for Home delivery for tickets call or visit for online booking.

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