Monday, September 3, 2012

Nature’s bounty blends with Finnish distillation mastery to create a luxurious vodka.
Finland’s purest glacial spring waters and the finest six row barley together create Finlandia Platinum, an ode to nature and perfection. Gently passed over a bed of fresh and indigenous Finnish Birch chips and then finished with slow artic chilling for the ultimate smoothness, Finlandia Platinum is a graceful balance of nature’s bounty and Finnish innovation and mastery over distillation since 1988. A small batch, freshly ushered into the market, Finlandia Platinum will be made available in small batches annually.

Introducing Finlandia Platinum a graceful balance of nature’s bounty and a long history of Finnish innovation and distillation mastery dating back to 1888 when the Rajamaki spring was discovered. Finland’s precious elements blend seamlessly for luxurious highly refined vodka with a unique and distinctive taste, made with Finland’s purest glacial spring water and the finest six-row barley. Natural perfection is born by gently passing the vodka over a bed of fresh indigenous Finnish birch chips. Finlandia Platinum Vodka is then finished with the slow arctic chilling to ensure the ultimate smoothness. Specially handcrafted, the making of this small-batch vodka is carefully overseen and approved by our Master Taster. The result is unsurpassed vodka with a unique, distinctive character and a cold, crisp taste to be savoured with each sip.

Finlandia Platinum, released in limited quantities, is the ultimate luxury vodka. And not surprisingly the MOST EXPENSIVE VODKA IN THE WORLD.

Tasting Notes:

· Nose: Crisp and lightly aromatic with soft hintsof fresh birch.
· Taste: Soft texture with subtle sweet notes.Elegant combination of wood and sweetness.
· Finish: Slight pepper notes and exquisitely smooth finish.

Key Benefits

Limited Edition:

Nature has its limits, and so do we. The special handcrafted care that goes into making Finlandia Platinum ensures one thing – we can make just so much of it. That’s why it’s available only in a limited edition. Finlandia Platinum. Pure luxury.

Birch Wood:

A vodka made from the purest glacial spring water and the finest six-row golden barley, then passed over a bed of birchwood chips… creating the most luxurious natural taste you can imagine. Finlandia Platinum. The ultimate vodka.

Slow Arctic Chilled:

We start with Finland’s purest glacial spring water and finish with a slow arctic chilling only natives of the far north normally experience. With Finlandia Platinum, you can experience it anywhere, anytime - an astonishing smooth taste. The perfect luxury vodka.


To make the ultimate luxury vodka you cannot rely only on machines. Finlandia Platinum is crafted by hand in small limited batches… creating the unsurpassed taste of the world’s finest luxury vodka.

Master Taster:

Finlandia Platinum is overseen and approved by our own Master Taster, ensuring superior quality for the world’s finest luxury vodka. So let’s just call it what it is - a pure masterpiece.

This premium, artisan vodka will be available in India in limited quantities in select high-end accounts. This hand-crafted, super premium vodka will retail for Rs 5000 for the 1.0L bottle (80 proof/40% alcohol) in New Delhi and for $ 49 for the 1.0L bottle at Duty Free outlets at airports.

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