Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tips to optimize LinkedIn

How often have you come across (stumbled upon) a new social media platform, registered and simply forgotten about it? Most people I see, middle aged professionals, scurrying breathless to remain in the rat race, are “curious one-timers”, people who browse, register but are not consistent in either their attendance or their updates.

It is sad as by being a regular, one can truly unravel the true potential of these platforms and successfully market products and services. Let’s take Linked in for example and see how by doing little things we can really go for the gold.

01.  Referrals.

Online recommendations and referrals work wonders as people are more likely to trust someone they know. Go get them. Ask your friends, employers, satisfied customers to put in a few words about your prowesses and reap the rewards.

02.  Use Headers

It is not only about people searching for you per se, use the headers for maximizing your presence. Use key words, terms, list your skills so that you may show up in more searches. The more visibly you are, the better your chances of being chosen.

03.  Be Warm

Personally welcome your new connections. Respond to queries and requests directed towards you. Greet and acknowledge your group members. Be as prolific as possible with comments and posts. It is but a replica of real life – if you have a personality that people like, you will have more friends and will be better suited to spread your influence.  

04.  Build Groups

Build your own industry network by building groups. Suppose you are planning to organise a conference. If you have a ready-made group you can float the news and connect with members – people, vendors, and end users – you already know or are connected to. If that isn’t “well begun is half done”, what is?

05.  Ask, engage and answer.

Small businesses often face tough questions. Float your questions in the relevant groups or to friends you are linked-in with. You will be amazed at the number of bang-on replies you get from experts from around the world. You can also answer queries pertaining to your field of excellence. Remember, these answers are in an open forum and are watched by many who can be your potential customers. So seize the day, share your knowledge and use the opportunities to impress. It’s like a “cold-call” chances are, if you are good, you’ll convert.

06.  Get Funded.

From Angel Investors, to Venture Capitalists through bankers to financial services providers – they are all there. So go ahead and post about the start up you wish to float. Write about the great things about your business. Discuss the salience of your product and services. Who knows, there may be moneybags on the other end of the net looking for just what you have to offer?

07.  Convince

Content is what pushes the sale. Use original content to convince potential customers about your uniqueness. Act like a suitor and profess your love (for your product / service) in the most heart rendering manner. Make your customer the object of your desire. Say the right words in the right manner and then dare the world.

08.  Watch your back

“Keep your friends close and your enemies (competitors) closer” goes the Chinese Proverb. Network with friends and watch what the competition is doing. Go through the industry figures, news items they post. Follow the stars of your industry segment and read what they are up to. Profit from their expertise.

09.  Use Video

If “a picture is better than a million words, need I say how much better, moving pictures are? You tube is rewriting the rules of communication, be an early convert and hit the jackpot.

10.  Create Events

          Use events to attract linked in professionals. Either take your existing events and throw them to the pro’s or create unique events to cater to the latent demand. Linked has this unique events platform whose   true potential is yet to be exposed. Be among the primary movers and reach your event led goal.    

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