Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Organising Your Winter Wardrobe Can Make You More Stylish, Say Experts 

     11 Sep 12
"Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it." Carrie Bradshaw 

...But how can you put co-ordinating, stylish outfits together when your wardrobe is in chaos and you don't want to splash out on new clothes this autumn/winter but keep your look varied and fresh? 

Our team of experts offer advice on seasonal storage and how to organise your winter wardrobe that will help you in the style stakes this season  

It's time to swap our summer frocks for winter warmers, and store away your skimpy bikinis and strappy sandals for another year and fill  wardrobes with tthick winter woolies, bulky jeans and big boots instead. 
In winter wardrobe organisation is more important than ever because winter clothes take up more room than two thirds more room than our summer stuff. 

And if money is tight this year, avoid splashing out on new things - only to find a similar item stashed away at the back of your wardrobe half way through the season.  

So how do you get on top of things? How can you reclaim an out-of-control wardrobe?, a specialist in fitted wardrobes and storage solutions, has enlisted the expert help of Martine Alexander - stylist to soap stars and singers including Michelle Collins, Natasha Hamilton, Suzanne Shaw, Michelle Keegan, Ali King, Paula Lane, Catherine Tyldesley, Gemma Merna, Sacha Parkinson and Tina O'Brien - to offer top advice on organising your winter wardrobe.  

1. Pack all your summer clothes in vacuum packed bags and pop under the bed or in the loft until we next see some sunshine!

2. Invest in wooden hangers that don't ruin your clothes (wire hangers are gremlins that pull your clothes out of shape when you're not looking). You can get these fairly cheaply on the high street.

3. Hang all your winter clothes in your wardrobe, ensuring you organise them into styles from long thru to short (e.g. trousers, dresses, skirts, shirts, vests, jackets)

4. Colour block each section from dark through to light

5. Be 100% honest with yourself, if you didn't wear something last winter, are you really going to wear it this winter? Be ruthless and adopt the rule 'if you haven't worn it within the last 12 months, it goes!!'. Either sell on ebay, customise to make it work with your wardrobe, donate to charity, or give to friends or family.
Surprisingly, according to behavioural psychologist Donna Dawson, it's men who are more likely to have an organised wardrobe this winter. Donna says: "Men are more spatially aware than women and have a more highly-developed visual sense, meaning that they have a greater interest in objects and the space they occupy, as well as an interest in assembling and arranging things. Men are therefore more prone to organise, fold and colour-code their clothing than women are."

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