Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Proverbs Search Engine Optimised

“OMG” posted the bored PYT from her hand held Android device. Almost instantly she was flooded with a zillion “WTF’s” from around the world and multiple conversations were initiated. Welcome to the world of tweet enabled teenagers. They abhor grammar, care two hoots about spelling, are obsessed with shortening everything and generally cannot hold a conversation – in fully constructed sentences – for more than a minute.
The English language has been the biggest casualty, having morphed into a creature that few of us oldies can recognize with fewer still able to comprehend. If you belong to my generation that grew up before the cell phone and the net happened, join me as we do an Alice in Wonderland!  
01.   To Facebook is human : to tweet divine
Today, for the average teen ager, even face book is passé – they have moved on to twitter, to you tube to share earth shattering events from their lives with those that matter. The 160 character revolution, under the banner of the # tag is here!
02.   The geek shall inherit the world
Once, the geeks were confined to the fringes – in a kind of a cult. Today thanks to the proliferation of the net and the world becoming an increasingly wired place, they are not only main-stream, but have also become heroes of sorts, the Rock Stars of Cyber land, especially among the young.
03.   Birds of a feather Google + together
Google + is fast emerging as the most potent tool for Social Media marketing, which again is where the world seems to be headed. As it is all about attracting the people who are actually looking for your products and services, Social Media makes a lot of sense and people around the world are jumping on the band wagon, methinks, rightly so.
04.   All that glitters is Gates
The world, especially that dealing with new age media and technologies is full of stories – of nerds and geeks and their garage startups with astounding successes. Yet, Bill boy continues to rule the imagination and however much the open source guys may yell against the corporate’s hegemony, Bill gates Rules!  
05.   The email of the species is deadlier than the male
Black Widows rejoice. The email is today the most preferred form of written communication. And as for being deadlier, research confirms that ladies are more hooked on to the net in general and to social media in particular that the males of the species.
06.   Bloggers of the world unite – you have nothing to lose but your sleep and a whole new social space to win
Blogging is such a great leveler. Gone are the days of struggling writers queuing up to be heard in the din. Today, it’s all DIY. Write it, post it and Bingo! People from around the world will connect to hear the Gospel of Gurudas. That too at a fraction of the cost one would have had to bear in the traditional real media.
07.   When in the Rome, do what the Netizens do
The net has its own set of rules which are evolving over time. It makes sense to know them and to follow them – to be net-savvy. For, behind every Google Chrome there are the innumerable Netscapes and AOL’s. The Infobahn is littered with the bodies of the dead and the decaying – entities that zigged when the net went zag.
08.   Ask not for whom the virus stalks – it stalks thee
It’s a mean space out there. There are all sorts of weirdo’s and loonies waiting spring a surprise on you. There are pedophiles lurking behind pseudonyms, hackers out to gift you malawares, stalkers ever ready to phis out your bank details, identity thieves, ponzi schemers … the list is endless. So beware and learn from the leaders.  
09.   Microsoft  was not built in a day
For that matter, neither was Google, or Yahoo or Badoo. Behind every success there are years of hard work and uncompromising toil. Try telling that to the kids who live life like coffee – instant is what they want. Leaner, meaner, trimmer!
10.   Facebook favours the connected
The more connected you are, the more wired you get. It’s not weird; people are bum toiling to create huge virtual circles around them. Web spiders will search you out and use your connections to go viral. Search engines will covet you. Social Media marketers will fantasize about your connections and someday, even Madonna will have your face tattooed on her back. Imagine!