Thursday, September 6, 2012

“Mission Mai” – a tribute, revolution and initiative.

Gitanjali Group has joined hands with Prashant Sharma who spearheads “Mission Mai” – one of its kind initiative. Mission Mai is a tribute to our Asha Bhosle as well as to change the prevailing issue of the homeless old & forsaken people.

The Enchantress, Asha Bhosle who has stolen our hearts for over six decades now turns 80 this week. After giving over 4000 songs to Bollywood, she now makes headway by making a debut in Mai, a film directed by Mahesh Kodiyal. Mai is a film bringing to our light the prevailing sensitive issue of old & forsaken disowned by their children. Starring in the film are, our very own Asha Tai, Ram Kapoor, Padmini Kolhapuri.

After having given so much to our industry, it is time we pay her back. Asha Ji is our priced possession & to pay tribute to her the cast & crew of Mai along with eminent singers of our industry like Shreya Goshal, Sukhwinder, Shankar Mahadevan, Javed Ali, Suresh Wadekar, Amit Kumar Himesh Reshamiya, Salim Suleman, Sajid- Wajid, Bhavana Pandit & others put together Mission Mai.

Prashant Sharma, of AMG Worldwide Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Exclaims, “Mission Mai is a tribute to our Asha Tai as well as to change the prevailing issue of the homeless old & forsaken people. I am glad we have Asha Tai who herself wants to embark a new beginning in the history of India for all of us through this mission.”

This Evening was no ordinary evening. Asha Ji after unveiling the look of the film shall took a pledge with 80 Homeless Old people to Never Dishonor the old people & to do anything however little it could be to change the lives of these souls for a better living.

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