Monday, September 10, 2012

Brandy Mychals Unveils Her Proven Character Code® System In New Book And Shows How To Turn “Bias Into Business”
Knowing why one does what she or he does, and understanding why others do what they do, is key to thriving in business and personal life. Yet, throughout the decades, most profiling systems in business and education have provided a superficial understanding without getting to the real why.
In her new book HOW TO READ A CLIENT FROM ACROSS THE ROOM, award-winning speaker and communications expert Brandy Mychals introduces the Character Code® System, a new method of classifying people developed from over two decades of personal study, observation, discovery, and her synthesis of years of theory and research.
“My behavioral studies led me to create six Character Codes, because trying to fit everyone into the typical four-type model was too limiting,” says Mychals. “People prefer to create a visual mental image of themselves and others, that’s how our brains work. HOW TO READ A CLIENT FROM ACROSS THE ROOM will help readers turn bias into business,” she continues.
Mychals created the Character Codes based on personality types many will find familiar from their high school days:
Class President: Goal-oriented, competitive and likes to win. He or she may move quickly from one accomplishment to another without stopping to reflect on their achievements – or anybody else’s. They rarely celebrate their progress or list their victories. Instead, they constantly focus on the task at hand and the next goal to reach. They want to keep the ball rolling. In business they often take on a leadership role, excel at telling others what to do, enjoy trouble-shooting and problem solving.
Cheerleader: Fast-paced and persuasive. They are often great presenters and can handle impromptu situations or respond quickly in a pinch. Cheerleaders enjoy accomplishing goals, but it’s the experience along the way and the anticipated recognition that interests them the most. When they win, they celebrate. In business they are upbeat, friendly, keep spirits high, a natural motivator and people-person, often challenged by the details, paperwork, and follow-through.
Actor: Self-described as “bigger, better & bolder” the Actor is always noticed in the room. When they are determined to complete a task or succeed, they will do whatever it takes and not let anyone stand in their way. They can range from raucous humor to biting sarcasm. In business they prefer to fly solo and often top the leaderboard in sales. They can become easily angered or feel wronged, often disrupting group dynamics.
Scholar: Logical and pragmatic. They are great at trouble-shooting and have high executive reasoning skills. They are task-oriented, methodical, systematic, and appreciate fact gathering and data collection. They place more weight on objective evidence and are not typically interested in opinions or intuition. In business they are not fast movers, don’t want to take on more than they can handle, not interested in the office social scene, and prefer to complete their work the “right” way.

Activist: Kind, calm, and nurturing individuals who provide a great deal of emotional support and acceptance. They can be well-balanced, good communicators, and sensitive to the feelings of others. They are more interested in connecting with people and getting to know them on a deep level versus working through a “to-do list”. In business they can be great peacekeepers and prefer group dynamics to solo effort. At times, they may be overly sensitive to comments from coworkers.
Artist: Creative and free thinking, they have their own unique opinion and are open to hearing the opinions of others. They consider themselves out-of-the-box and disdain a “cookie cutter” world or corporate environment. They value self-expression, freedom, and will fight for the underdog. In business they most often work for themselves or in a job that allows them license to create their own path. They like having the time needed for their creative process and to not be rushed.
It is essential to know each of these Character Codes and not just one’s own code in order to effectively select ideal clients, market, conduct sales, hire staff, or lead a team. HOW TO READ A CLIENT ACROSS THE ROOM provides the details needed to master the art of motivating people – readers will never “look” at the world the same way again. Whether a corporate executive in a fast-paced world of deadlines and ever increasing demands, or an entrepreneur striving to build a business that thrives in the marketplace – knowing why people do things the way they do, and why people behave the way they do around others, is essential.
Mychals also includes sections on how to quickly identify the Character Codes in person, discusses client turn-on's and turn offs, the ten best practices for working a room, and how to quickly put Character Coding into action. She also shares the eleven pillars for rock-solid performance for those who want to stand out climbing the corporate ladder or launch their own entrepreneurial platform.
Whether learning how to network and attract more clients, or examining how to enhance workplace relationships with superiors, employees, or co-workers,HOW TO READ A CLIENT ACROSS THE ROOM is filled with insights that will lead to successful and vibrant business relationships.

About The Author
Brandy Mychals is a communications expert, sought-after speaker, and the creator of the Character Code® System. She’s the winner of the 2011 International Award presented by eWomenNetwork.
Having graduated from the Honors College at Loyola Marymount University in Communications, Mychals continued her studies and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. After building a successful business, she suffered a debilitating car accident that left her unable to read for seven years, and in financial ruin.
She fought back, healed, and created the Character Codes®. Within the first year of launching her new business as a solopreneur, she generated over $300,000 in sales using Character Coding. She now has thousands of clients and runs the successful consulting company –, Inc.

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