Monday, September 24, 2012

Endocoal Limited [ASX:EOC] - New Exploration Permits for Coal (EPCs) Granted, 21 September 2012

1. Highlights

- New Bowen Basin EPC tenements granted to Endocoal.
- EPC2025 (Overlander) and EPC2253 (Mt Inglis) extend the Orion Downs area.
- EPC 2822 (Carfax West) adjoins the Rockwood Project area.
- EPC2854 (Thirty Mile Creek) exploration will target the Rangal Coal Measures.
- Notification received that EPC2461 (12 Mile Creek) is to be granted shortly.
- Priority Applicant for several other EPCs already under application.

2. Grant of New Exploration Permits for Coal

Endocoal Limited (ASX: EOC) is pleased to announce that a number of new Exploration Permits for Coal (EPC) have recently been granted to Endocoal. As shown in the attached ‘Endocoal Limited, Current Mining Tenure’ map, these include:

- EPC2025 (Overlander);
- EPC2253 (Mt Inglis);
- EPC2822 (Carfax West); and
- EPC2854 (Thirty Mile Creek).

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