Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Discovery of Buddhist Stupa

Details of the Buddhist Stupas that have been discovered in the country are mentioned below:

Two Buddhist stupa mounds have been discovered in the State of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
The Buddhist Stupa (2009-10)) in Basaha village Kaimur district in Bihar is located 140 mt. north of Minor Rock Edict of Asoka. The mound is strewn over with potsherds and other artefacts. There is the evidence of pradakshinapatha of stone masonry laid in mud mortar. The mound measures about 50m in diameter and 12 m. in height.

The Buddhist Stupa (2009-10) at Banarasia minor is situated in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. It is located about 4 km. north of the Minor Rock Edict site of Basaha village. It has been observed during the exploration that the Stupa was erected over an ancient mound of the chalcolithic age. The mound is scattered with ancient pottery.
Four Buddhist stupa mounds have been discovered at Itkhori, District Chatra (Jharkhand) (2011-12).

Stupa No. 1 consists of rectangular basement and dome. Many of the stone blocks are carved with rows ofKirtimukhasKalasa, pedestal design chitya motifs, amorous celestial couples and human beings. The platform was filled with brickbats, stone fragments, sculptural fragments and mud. In some places burnt bricks without uniformity in mud mortar have been used to level the upper surface or widening the wall of the medhi. A monolithic sand stone votive stupaand number of Buddha panels and the fragments of seated deity were recovered above lime concrete flooring of the medhiwhich clearly suggests that these sculptures were once part of the   dome.

Stupa No. 2 is traced in a very dilapidated condition. It measures 6.95 m x 6.95m 0.80 m. However, only northern edge of the stupa is intact which measures 4.60 m x 70cm in length, breadth and extant height respectively and consists of two courses of sand stone over laid by seven courses of brick, bound with mud mortar. The rest south-eastern and the western edges of the basement are though missing but their ghost foundation is traced.
Stupa No.3 measures 3.50 in length 2.55 in breath and 65 cm in extant height. The southern edge consists of seven courses of brick while the western and the northern part preserve three and two courses of brick respectively. Inside the structure, brick nodules were filled up with mud mortar binding.

Stupa No.4 in a small dimension of 1.25 x 1.20 x 30 to 42 cm extant height is exposed on the south-eastern side. Stone block has been used and the sides are made of brick bats of various dimensions.
During the clearance of the stupas, numbers of antiquities were collected from various levels, Buddha head, Buddha panels, beads terracotta animal figurine, copper bangles and iron objects are noteworthy.

This information was given by the Minister for Culture and Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation Kumari Selja in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.

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