Friday, September 14, 2012

COWIN holds Marketplace at EPoSS Annual Forum in September

Meeting place for like minds in MEMS and Micro-Nano-Bio Systems
Lyon, France - 14 September 2012. COWIN, a European initiative to facilitate the take-up of advanced technologies, is organising a Marketplace event at this year's EPoSS Annual Forum in Paris on 26th to the 28th September 2012. The event is designed to enable companies to meet and network with COWIN experts to identify new business and technology opportunities.

"Whilst we are organising one-to-one meeting for people at the Marketplace to ensure that they meet with the best potential partners from commerce and research who are all working in the MEMS area creating smarter solutions and novel technologies," explained Géraldine Andrieux, COWIN's Co-ordinator.

Launched in 2010 under the 7th Framework Program, COWIN is a support action dedicated to strengthening European competitiveness in miniaturized smart systems. The initiative is focused on the commercial exploitation of advanced technologies developed in the framework of European collaborative research projects. COWIN's mission is to facilitate take-up of those advanced technologies worthy of investment, in order to capture innovation, win new markets and make a profit.

"This EU initiative is bringing together companies and technologies from all over Europe and building teams that are creating truly innovative smart solutions in various application field such as Life Sciences, IT & Telecoms, Agrofood, Environment and Energy," added Mrs Andrieux. "These are solutions that have been funded by the EU and that we are making ready for commercial exploitation to provide European companies with the technologies they need to solve their problems and rapidly deploy products to the world. Innovation is the key to Europe's economic recovery and COWIN is enabling this to happen."

A tutorial on "Regulation compliance as a success factor for innovative projects" will take place on 28 September.It will be followed by a Workshop on the Medical Devices Aspect of Micro-Nano-Bio Systems.

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