Monday, August 6, 2012

 Jilin Liyuan heading for growth—with two extrusion presses from SMS Meer
Jilin Liyuan Aluminium from Liaoyuan, Jilin Province, China, recently ordered two new presses from SMS Meer, Germany. A160-MN front-loading press and a 60-MN direct/indirect tube press. With the two new machines, Jilin Liyuan Aluminium is continuing its growth and again setting standards on the market for large profiles and seamless tubes of aluminum.
The new 160-MN front-loading  press will be the largest modern front-loading extrusion press in operation worldwide. It will enable Jilin Liyuan to produce profiles up to on e meter in width. The profiles can reach lengths of up to 28 meters- corresponding to the railcar length of modern high-speed trains such as the ICE or TGV.
Whole railcars manufactured ‘’in one piece’’.
The 160-MN extrusion press now gives the engineers new design possibilities in railcar construction: Up until now, several profiles had to be joined together to from one part by friction welding. Now the parts can be produced in one extrusion cycle. That saves time, energy and costs.
The integrated aluminum construction is increasingly being used also for local commuter and underground trains. The energy-saving light-weight design and the high recycling capability are important answers to ecological demands.
The annual  capacity of the new press is more than 20,000 t of large profiles. The machine is scheduled to go into production in December 2013.
Extremely flexible 60-MN tube press.
The new 60-MN tube extrusion press will enable Jilin Liyuan Aluminium to produce seamless  tubes with diameters of up to 450 mm. A further outstanding feature of the 60-MN press is its flexibility: It can extrude tubes and profiles both ‘’directly’’ and ‘’indirectly’’. Wang Min, President and General Manager of Jilin Liyuan Aluminium: ‘’We have already produced quality tubes with variable inside diameters on our 45- MN direct and indirect tube  press. We are convinced that we can produce similar tubes with larger diameter on our new 60-MN direct tube press.’’
The Chinese aluminum producer had already ordered a 100-MN front-loading press and a 45-MN direct/indirect tube press from SMS Meer in 2010.Ulrich Vohskamper, Head of Hydraulic Presses  Product  Area at SMS Meer: ‘’The new orders are a huge vote of confidence for us and show that the customer is satisfied with our efforts.’’
The annual capacity of the 60-MN press here is 10,000 t of seamless tubes. Commissioning is  scheduled for June 2014.
Jilin Liyuan has ordered a similar model to the 150-MN press supplied by SMS Meer to Yankuang.

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