Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~ With the Coloured Stones collection on Diamondé! ~

Mumbai, August, 2012: What’s life without a little bit of colour! Bright and vibrant colored gemstones in pink, blue, purple, red, yellow, orange and green, can light up an ensemble and brighten up your wardrobe in a jiffy. With an array of exquisite coloured gemstone jewellery; Diamondé, the online jewellery selling website that provides end to end mass personalization of elegant designs, announces special coloured stone jewellery collection that will entice any woman immediately.

What’s more... On Diamondé not only can one choose from an exquisite collection of intricate designs of rings, pendants and earrings but one can also customise the gemstones to one’s exact specifications and preferences. So if red and green is not your ideal combination then it’s as simple as a click of the mouse to change the stones to the combination that best appeals to you. That’s not all; the website also provides the choice of metal (gold, white gold and silver) that best accommodates your tastes and price range.

Diamondé combines an innovative mix of e–commerce and technology to help overcome the touch and feel factor of traditional retail, while introducing you to a world of virtual customization and trial which changes ones experience of buying jewellery online. With dummy live size hand and face displaying the collection, the buyer gets an exact perception of each jewellery piece. It’s also a great place to nudge your boyfriend or husband during birthday and anniversary time.

The collection has a very chic appeal making it an ideal choice for modern day women. Select from the range of exquisite designed earrings, rings and pendants.

The jewellery available on Diamondé can be customized into 9k, 14k and 18k gold, white gold or silver to suit the budget. All gemstones for Diamondé jewellery are Natural AA/AAA quality.

About Diamondé
We believe in exclusivity, in a signature taste – in one that is noticeable and personal. We refuse the usual and the everyday, but choose to be fussy and do things our own way. This is why we craft Diamondere jewellery - for you to exclaim, "This is my style!"
Design your treasured jewellery exactly the way you want it - change gem stones, precious metals and even engrave for free– all online and instant. This means that any one design on the site has thousands of different possibilities you can choose from to complement your personal style.

After serving international brands for the past 50 years, our design team now works exclusively on your signature collections. Since our jewellery is made to order, there are no middlemen - you tell us what you want and we create it at significantly reduced prices.
Be fussy, be picky, be different. We are the same way!

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