Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jacada Enables Simple Creation of Mobile Customer Service Interactions with Downloadable App
Available trial version allows Business and IT professionals alike to create customer service flows for mobile devices through Jacada Mobile Agent

– Aug 29, 2012 –Jacada, Inc., a leading global provider of customer service technology designed to simplify the interaction between businesses and their customers, today announced the public availability of the downloadable trial version for Jacada Mobile Agent, its new mobile product offering. Designed to improve the customer experience, Jacada Mobile Agent reduces inbound call volume and handle time by offering sophisticated self-service capabilities to smartphone and mobile device users. Previously released under beta, the Jacada Mobile Agent interaction designer is now available for immediate download from the company website with companion mobile client applications available in both the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Delivering a more sophisticated experience than a traditional IVR system, Jacada Mobile Agent presents a Visual IVR to consumers with a much greater range of options for resolving their questions or issues. Users are able to select menu options visually instead of listening for which keys to press, and experience advanced self-service capabilities with the rich features available on today’s mobile devices. Jacada Mobile Agent also bridges the gap between self-service and traditional voice channels by allowing customers to seamlessly connect to a live agent to complete the interaction, without having to repeat information.
“Every once in a while, a technology revolution occurs that is disruptive, and we are witnessing that today with the explosive growth in mobile computing. Through mobile customer service, organizations have a unique opportunity to not only improve customer interactions, but also improve key metrics such as inbound call volume and average handle time,” said Gideon Hollander, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Jacada. “With the release of Jacada Mobile Agent we are excited to bring this technology to anyone who wishes to experience it, by offering a unique downloadable trial kit from our website.”
Jacada Mobile Agent enables customers to engage in a mobile self-service session through an “app” which visually maps out the steps of their customer service interaction. This visual interaction, or Visual IVR, has full support for data entry and sophisticated self-service capabilities, including being able to proactively mine knowledge bases for information and retrieve or update customer information in real time. Jacada’s technology powers this new product by connecting the customer’s self-serve interaction directly with a company’s underlying Line of Business applications to solve their problem.
For calls that do require agent assistance, however, Jacada Mobile Agent provides a seamless transition to the voice channel from the self-service channel. Once the call is connected to the agent, all of the steps already taken by the customer, as well as any data entered, are visible to the agent. By doing so, customers will not have to repeat information. Additionally, the underlying systems can be pre-populated with the customer information, adding a further benefit of reduced handle times.
A supporting white paper entitled “Mobile as the New Engagement Channel” is available for download on Jacada’s website.
Jacada Mobile Agent is patent pending. For more information about Jacada Mobile Agent or to download the trial kit, visit
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About Jacada
Jacada provides solutions that simplify and improve the effectiveness of customer interactions. Jacada’s mobile, customer, agent desktop and process optimization solutions help companies reduce the cost of their operations, drive customer satisfaction, and provide a complete return on investment within the first year after deployment.
Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in Atlanta, USA; London, England; Munich, Germany; Herzliya, Israel; and Stockholm, Sweden. 

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