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KraussMaffei set to present standard electric and hydraulic machines with additional benefits
"Be efficient“ at Fakuma 2012 – Compact universal CX machine - all-electric AX production cell
(Munich, August 24, 2012) Under the motto “Be efficient”, the focal points of the presentation by KraussMaffei at Fakuma 2012 - Hall A7, Stand 7303/7304 - will be injection molding solutions based on standard machines in the AX and CX series. The production cells will demonstrate maximum productivity and innovative detailed solutions in regard to zero defect production. Standard injection molding application featuring "pick&place" automation or complex 3K technology offer production intelligence and benefits to every processor.
Proven dual platen technology with large working area
"Machines in the CX series have been impressing customers for many years in hard production use. They combine compact assembly dimensions with easy accessibility and a large amount of space for peripherals", said Frank Peters, Vice President Sales at KraussMaffei. The fully hydraulic dual platen clamping system symmetrically introduces the clamping force into the mold and generates optimum holding of the mold. Easy accessibility to the self-supporting clamp weighing up to 160 tonnes permits transportation of the parts in all four directions and provides a great deal of space under the mold area for peripherals such as conveyor belts or tempering units. The ejector system can be freely accessed behind the moving mold fixing platen and can be easily modified for special tasks such as unscrewing devices.
Additional modular injection units for innovative process technology
Servo pump drives and EcoPack insulating sleeves from the extensive BluePower range of energy saving modules ensure maximum energy efficiency of the hydraulic CX machines and reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent compared with current standard drives. A standard CX 160-380 machine equipped with an autarkic SP 55 bolt-on additional injection unit and a metal injection unit (manufacturer: Krallmann) will produce three-part products based on multicomponent technology at Fakuma. Both additional injection units will show how easy it is to set up and retrofit a CX for complex technology solutions. A flow monitoring system integrated in the machine control unit for the cooling/temperature control water ensures constant processes and makes a contribution towards documented zero defect production.
Pre-installed robot platform quickly ready to start production
The parts are removed by an IR 60 R2030 F/K industrial robot. The robot and all other automation components, including the safety guard, are installed on a transportable robot platform which is installed, adjusted and commissioned directly at KraussMaffei and is delivered straight to the machine at the customer as a cell ready to start production. The robot platform only has to be docked to the machine at the customer and is then ready to use straightway. Processors benefit from simple assembly and quick and easy commissioning. They also save costs and can start their production earlier. The robot platform also offers greater flexibility with changing production tasks if the robot is needed on another machine at a later stage.It is sufficient to move the robot platform on a stacker to another machine.Since all positions are firmly anchored to one another, the automation cell only requires a short restart time and can recommence production almost immediately.
Efficiency and precision combined - the all-electric AX production cell
The manufacture of technical parts calls for resource-efficient production together with high repeatability. The injection molding machines in the AX series are perfectly tailored to these requirements. During Fakuma an AX 100-380 production cell equipped with a LRX50 linear robot will perform every movement, including mold core-pulling, using electric drives units and will demonstrate injection molding with maximum energy efficiency while producing a T-fitting made of polypropylene for the construction industry. Together with the mold partner IFW (A), this will produce a perfect symbiosis of electrical machine technology, robots and all-electric mold technology.
The optimized 5-point toggle lever, efficient servo motors and smooth-running mechanics ensure maximum efficiency of the machine with which it is possible to reduce energy consumption by up to 60 percent.Groundbreaking control technology and absolute positioning accuracy ensure precise shaping with high dynamics. Just like every all-electric injection molding machine from KraussMaffei, the electricity generated through braking energy in the AX is fed back as a standard feature into the intermediate circuit and is available for other axes or is returned to the power grid. The AX series therefore offers optimum prerequisites for efficient and precise manufacturing. It lets the processor produce flexibly, reliably and, above all, at low unit costs – even for slow-running applications.
Integration of space-saving automation solution
When equipped with robot types ideally adapted to the machines, the AX becomes an impressive production cell with compact dimensions and a set-up area that is 25 percent smaller than standard automation solutions. When articles are demolded, the clamping unit and robot work together perfectly and enable the shortest demolding times with the utmost precision. Thus even demanding demolding tasks are performed reliably and quickly. The AX machines can be ideally adapted to the varied production requirements of different industries using a comprehensive catalog of options. A flow monitoring system integrated in the machine control unit for the cooling/temperature control water makes a contribution towards zero defect production and documents the process values. With the aid of a Web box in the system, processors can create a fast and secure data link to the expert network of KraussMaffei's teleservice at the push of a button and count on the support of production specialists. The productivity of the machines and, in particular, complex production cells can therefore be increased and ideally used.
Focus on premium quality surfaces
Visitors to the stand of Roth Werkzeugbau GmbH (Hall A7 – Stand 7402) will be able to see a CX 160-750 hydraulic dual platen machine featuring an IR automation solution on a pre-installed robot platform. The machine will produce a housing cover with a premium quality film surface in the classic In Mold Decoration (IMD) process with film throughput. In this process an additional film with integrated electric functions is inserted into the mold and back injected. This process is especially suitable for parts with high demands on the surface and integrated functions in a small space, as is often required in the automotive industry in vehicle interiors or the electrical/electronics industry for mobile devices.
The spacious installation dimensions of the CX permit the use of large molds, a situation which occurs frequently in regard to parts with high demands on the surface, e.g. covers or frames. The high platen parallelism of the clamp produced by secure holding also has a positive effect on the quality of parts. The mold area is easily accessible for machine operators and peripherals. The machine from the proven series is equipped with an energy-saving servo motor-driven BluePower pump drive.
Integrated operating concept
The new operating concept for industrial robots (IR) involves the integration of KraussMaffei automation solutions in the machine control system. An additional operating area for the robot is no longer required since the control buttons are contained in the machine control system. This makes the machine operators' work easier and reduces operating errors while simultaneously increasing productivity.

About KraussMaffei
The KraussMaffei product brand is internationally recognized for its groundbreaking, multitechnology system and process solutions for injection and reaction molding technology and factory automation. With its standalone, modular or standardized machinery and systems, and a wide, customizable service offering, KraussMaffei is a full-system partner for customers in many industry sectors. KraussMaffei bundles many decades of engineering expertise in plastics machinery and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. 
About the KraussMaffei Group
The KraussMaffei Group is among the world’s leading suppliers of machinery and systems for producing and processing plastics and rubber. Its products and services cover the whole spectrum of injection and reaction molding and extrusion technology, giving the company a unique position in the industry. The KraussMaffei Group is innovation-powered, supplying its products, processes and services as standard or custom solutions which deliver sustained added value along the customer’s value-adding chain. The company markets it’s offering under the KraussMaffei, KraussMaffei Berstorff and Netstal brands to customers in the automotive, packaging, medical, construction, electrical, electronics and home appliance industries. Continuing a long tradition of engineering excellence, the international KraussMaffei Group currently employs around 4,000 people. With a global network of more than 30 subsidiaries and more than 10 production plants, supported by around 570 sales and service partners, the company is close to customers around the world. KraussMaffei has been headquartered in Munich since 1838.

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