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Hidesign's AD campaign AW '12-13

Autumn-Winter 2012 Advertising Campaign
Introducing Lady Godiva

Mumbai, Aug 2012: Capturing the bare and sensuous beauty of handcrafted leather, Hidesign launches its A/W 2012-13 AD campaign, Lady Godiva.

The campaign conveys the power and elegance of a woman as she carries her Hidesign bag. This new series of ads feature models Kanishtha Dhankhar – Ex-Miss India-World, Ivana and Nitin Gupta. This season’s campaign brings together writer and conceptualizer Beverley Bhatija, and art director Vrushali Gurjar. The duo is part of the same team that worked on Hidesign’s award winning campaign in 2001, which brought to the fore the story of Hidesign’s excellence in the hand-crafting of leather. Through irreverence in copy and captivating imagery, the models posed skin-to-skin with leather bags. The duo created an iconic campaign that won Hidesign much acclaim worldwide and a loyal following. For the current campaign, Hidesign has once again collaborated with ace French photographer Dinh Thi Tien, who has redefined the brand’s imagery over the last seven years. “Lady Godiva is a legend and the photography must be surrealistic to push the concept. The lighting was inspired from «claire-obscure» painting to give a sensuous atmosphere. My vision was to inspire a real artistic and aesthetic way to rise up the brand image as the art of handcrafting,” says Dinh. 

Beverley shares, “The concept has evolved from the brand’s original campaign on the making of a bag, now to the emotional high that is unique to owning a handcrafted Hidesign bag.” The campaign strongly evokes the values that Hidesign is recognized for - a strong connect to nature, the romance of adventure, exquisite craftsmanship and an interest in all things off-beat. “The result,” says Vrushali, “a lush, surrealistic and sensorial spread.” Hidesign does not follow trends, but staying true to its ethos, reinvents itself season after season. Dilip Kapur, President of Hidesign says, “Hidesign connects to the young and self-confident, internationally, through the raw sensuousness and beauty of natural leather and great craftsmanship. Dinh’s powerful photography reignites the sense of adventure and wonder that our first ad campaign had experienced!”

The surreal background depicts Lady Godiva’s larger-than-life character. Kanishtha brings to life the passion of Godiva’s character, reiterating the spirit of her rebellion in the old fable. Dinh has beautifully captured the strength and individualism of the models through his photography. “She has a powerful and radiant charm and reflects a natural and sensuous beauty,” he says while describing his Godiva.

The modern styling and slick construction of these vegetable tanned leather bags give them a contemporary appeal that Hidesign has become well known for. Available in the colours of fall, such as nude, midnight blue, forest green, tan and aubergine, the collection includes an array of elegant totes, clutches, grabs, wallets, travel bags and belts.

The campaign will be introduced on Hidesign’s website, at all exclusive Hidesign stores, and will appear in leading fashion & lifestyle magazines, online portals and outdoor hoardings. Hidesign has recently launched exclusive stores in emerging metros such as Mysore, Aurangabad, Kanpur, Nagpur and Dimapur, and the campaign will be showcased in these cities through hoardings and print ads to boost awareness.

The concept evolves

The brief from Dilip Kapur was to ‘nudge’ the brand from the original campaign to make it more relevant to the brand's position today that now reflected the aspirations of modern Indian woman, while staying true to its natural, hand crafted, eco-friendly heritage.

On one hand, the idea for the campaign came from the brand itself - its glorious attention to detail, the hand-crafted heritage, use of vegetable tanned and hand polished leather, its people and its international design sensibility. On the other hand, it came from the consumer's experience with the brand. The making of the campaign was a collaborative interpretation of the concept behind the campaign - Lady Godiva - her passion, spirit and individualism that reflects the connection the brand has with its consumers across the world.  With president and founder of Hidesign, Dilip Kapur and the Brand Manager, Dipen, in Pondicherry, Art Director, Vrushali, in Delhi, writer/conceptualizer, Beverley, in London and photographer, Dinh, in Paris - the final campaign emerged seamlessly, as each individual creatively and strategically contributed to the original Godiva idea.
– Beverley Bhatija and Vrushali Gurjar

Photographed by: Dinh Thi Tien, Paris
Concept: Beverley Bhatija, writer/conceptualizer, London
Art Direction: Vrushali Gurjar, founder and creative, Zebra Design
Female models: Kanishtha Dhankhar and Ivana
Male model: Nitin Gupta

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