Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Green Energy for Mobile Towers
The number of mobile towers in the country powered with Renewable Energy Sources are,
BSNL –            20                                                (Gujarat – 1, Karnataka – 1, Maharashtra – 2, Orissa – 1, Tamilnadu – 1, Bihar – 1, Chhattisgarh – 1, Haryana – 2, Jammu & Kashmir – 1, Jharkhand – 1, Punjab – 1, Rajasthan – 1, West Bengal – 1, North East – 3, Kerala – 2)
MTNL –                                1                              (Delhi-1)
Other Mobile Operators –           4000 (around). The breakup state-wise and operator-wise are not available.
The Government has undertaken 20 pilot projects on Renewable Energy Technology and has worked out the capital requirement for use of Renewable Energy Technology in telecom sector. No incentive scheme exists for use of Renewable Energy Technology in telecom sector at present.
Capital required for use of Renewable Energy Technologies to power one Mobile Base Terminal Station is Rs. 10-12Lakhs.
BSNL - 104 Renewable Energy Technology powered mobile towers are likely to be operational by 31 October 2012.
The TRAI recommendations on Green Energy applications have been approved by Government and Department issued directives to the licensees / all ILD service providers to adopt measures to green the Telecom sector by Hybrid power [Renewable energy technologies (RET) + Grid power] of at least 50% of all rural towers and 20% of urban towers by 2015 and 75% of rural towers and 33% of urban towers by 2020.
This was stated by Shri Milind Deora, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in response to a written question in Lok Sabha today.

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