Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vogue Paris Gets A Facelift
     22 Aug 12
In 90 years, Vogue Paris has positioned itself not only as the most important fashion magazine in the world, but also as a platform for the boldest forms of creative expression, whether in photography, styling, journalism or graphic design. The success of Vogue Paris is tied to a formidable capacity for constant reinvention, while retaining the timeless classicism that has been key to the title's longevity.

Vogue does more than just follow the news, it selects, owns and re-tells it.
In anticipation of a shift in the mentality and behaviour of its readers, Vogue has taken the decision to revisit the way it presents itself, without changing the fundamentals. A new layout, and new section organization have been designed to provide this iconic magazine with greater harmony, and better readability, rhythm and femininity, as befits the leading women's fashion title.
Over and above the magazine, Vogue Paris is a truly international multimedia brand with influence and style, that constantly works to inspire and inform a powerful community with which it shares common values and aspirations.

Vogue Paris is:
* 160,972 copies of the magazine sold around the world each month, of which 121,103 are sold
   in France
* More than 500,000 unique users on
* More than 600,000 Facebook fans
* Nearly 1 million Twitter followers
* More than 6,000 subscribers on Tumblr
* More than 3,000 followers on Pinterest
* Nearly 300,000 iPhone app downloads
* More than 18,000 iPad app downloads
* Several tens of thousands of people involved in brand events like Vogue Fashion
  Night Out, which this year will take place September 6 in Paris, in the Royale-
  Saint-Honoré area.

The Conde Nast Publications Ltd (No. 226900), Vogue House, Hanover Square, London W1S 1JU 

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