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Shades of India is a design-led, creative company with a strong international reputation in leisure clothes, home furnishings and accessories. It has won prizes for its products in Paris and New York.

As part of its expansion, it is opening a shop-in-shop in Artisan Cottage in Ahmedabad. Under Harita Kapur, Artisan’s Cottage has established itself as a leading fashion and home store in the city. Shades of India’s focus will be on clothes and decorative items for the home such as cushions and quilts.

Its new clothes collection (branded under the Shades and White label)  builds on the success of its earlier ranges. The inspiration has been the interchange between embroidery and print. “ I have long worked with traditional embroidery and stitching techniques”, says Mandeep Nagi, Director of Design. “ But I have long had a project in mind to give a more contemporary look to embroidery by interpreting it in print”. The
Collection reflects this.

The silhouettes are loose and flowing. The fabric is a hand woven cambray that printed in white on black brings out the effect of the embroidery.

The cushions and bedcovers come from the latest Shades of India collection.  Each collection has a different theme running through it. The starting point for this one was the walls of Venice. Age has given them a distressed , faded texture. But they still retain the rich colours of that city – the burnt oranges, yellows, wine reds and naturals that are part of its identity.

Print and texturing have been used to translate this quality into textiles. The Ravenna bedcovers and cushions convey a faded elegance now much in trend. Venice
was also a city of  luxury, ornate jewelry and mosaics. Reflecting this, the collection uses silk, velvets and surface ornamentation to capture the richness of the Venetian tradition.
Founded almost 20 years ago, Shades of India has an international reputation for its creative use of layering and texturing of products. It has set trends in design and won awards at trade fairs in Paris and New York.

It sells to major department stores throughout the world including ABC in New York: Harrods and Selfridges in London: and Le Bon Marche in Paris.

In India, it has shop-in-shops with Good Earth in Delhi and Mumbai. It will be opening its own store at the Meharchand Market in Delhi in October.

It has a separate division providing textile solutions for interiors and for hospitality. It will be working on this in Ahmedabad in collaboration with Artisan …

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