Thursday, June 7, 2012

Victorinox launches Large Chef’s Case

Victorinox launches Large Chef case with 23 kitchen implements and knives. The set includes different forged knives also that are ideal for cutting, chopping, peeling and various other kitchen functions. All the knives are produced with dishwasher proof nylon handles and come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. 

The set carries all knives which are amongst the most important kitchen utensils because they are sharp enough to do delicate work no other knife can. 


1) Chef’s Knife Narrow Blade
2) Chef’s Knife Wide Blade
3) Chef’s Knife Broad Blade
4) Pastry Knife, wavy edge
5) Flexible spatula
6) Salmon Knife, fluted edge
7) 3 tying and 2 larding needles
8) Potato peeler, single edge
9) Potato Baller, 2 scoops (22 +25 mm)
10) Oyster Knife with hand-guard
11) Fish Shears, stainless steel
12) Apple corer, 16mm
13) Round Sharpening Steel, 11inches
14) Shaping Knife, curved blade
15) Lemon Decorator
16) Lemon Zester
17) Kitchen and Paring Knife
18) Icing funnels, 10 piece set
19) Icing decorators, 10 piece set
20) Flexible filleting knife
21) Boning knife, curved edge
22) Chef’s fork
23) Decorating knife

Dimensions: 51 x 38 cms 

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