Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 New Technologies for Securing Your Home

Emerging technologies in the area of home security are putting your parent’s outdated security systems to shame. Every day new products are being introduced strapped with bells and whistles that range from merely very convenient features to action-film impressive elements. Here are ten of the most recent innovations for securing your home: 

  1. Smartphone Apps – Many home security companies offer apps for both iPhone and Android operating systems that allow users to control their systems remotely. From opening garage doors to disabling an alarm as you approach your door, there’s almost nothing that phones these days can’t do.
  2. Wireless Protection Devices – Wireless asset protection devices affix to valuable items like electronics or family heirlooms, sending an alert if the object is moved or disturbed in any way.
  3. Biometric Door Locks – Once relegated to the plots of spy films, biometric locks are now commercially available to the everyday citizen. These models scan fingerprints and match them against the pre-approved internal database, eliminating the need to fumble around for a key ring.
  4. Electronic Pet Doors – Pet parents know that the convenience of a pet door is evenly split with the worry of securing their inherent vulnerability. Now, there are electronic models on the market that interact with the dedicated collar to allow your pets free access to a fenced yard without issuing an invitation to burglars.
  5. Wireless Alarm Systems – There was a time not so long ago when alarm systems were costly to install due to the extensive wiring they required. This also put them out of reach for many renters who weren’t allowed to modify their properties in any way. The solution to both of these problems has arrived in the form of wireless systems that are easily installed and do not require drilling for the running of cables.
  6. Night Vision Outdoor Security Cameras – Security cameras serve little purpose in poorly-lit areas, unless they’re of the high-tech night vision variety. Fans of paranormal reality shows are familiar with the eerie green cast and high visibility in low- to no-light conditions; now homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their property is secured in the dark hours when it’s most vulnerable.
  7. Speech Recognition Systems – Struggling to remember a series of complex codes and being forced to change them every time you hire a house sitter is a thing of the past; new systems are voice activated and feature speech recognition software that allows them to respond to verbal commands from approved users.
  8. Home Automation – The ability to adjust lighting and curtains from anywhere, even while on vacation on the other side of the globe, is another burglary deterrent. Mimicking the patterns of inhabitants, these systems can often fool intruders that are casing your home into thinking that there are people inside.
  9. Heat-Sensing Fire Alarms – Hapless cooks can rejoice; a burned breakfast will no longer result in a call from the security company or a visit from the fire department. New fire alarms are heat-sensing, rather than reliant on smoke.
  10. DIY Systems – In addition to all of the new features that subscribers to a monitoring service have access to, there’s also a burgeoning market for higher-quality Do-It-Yourself security systems. Instead of relying on a monitoring center, some of these send alerts via cellular signal to the authorities or an authorized mobile phone.
Tech enthusiasts and security-conscious homeowners alike can have a blast browsing through the new, highly advanced offerings in the field of home security. These are only a few of the emerging gadgets; more are being introduced every day.

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