Monday, September 10, 2012

“The Xpressions of Divine Love”
Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar hosts an art exhibition by Bhaskar Nayar-the fabled and ingenious artist and Mahatma Gandhi Awardee

Delhi, September 2012- Spiritualism reigns supreme in the works of Bhaskar Nayar. His paintings expose his obsession with – ‘Faith ‘– ‘the soul anchor of man’. A journey through his works takes us into a world of inner harmony, achieved through ‘ Sadhana’ of a rare kind , to fulfill the emotional thirst and spiritual quest for the Divine – which could be conceived as love , peace , truth , bliss and so on.

His latest works, charcoal on canvas and Chinese rice paper, are a pictorial vocabulary of the intense devotion of Radha, Meera and the Gopis for their Blue God “Krishna”-the divine lover. These Ajanta style figure compositions depict in different postures and gestures, their search for the nectar of the pure divine love, which will fill their mundane, colorless lives with a myriad of hues. Bhaskar with an undeniable creative instinct flows into the world of divine romance, transferring the human spirit and figure into absolute perfection.

Hosted under the magnificent crown of Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar the exhibit will be on from 8th September’12 till 10th September’12. The exhibition will display around 20 canvases created and infused with the spiritual power of the profound artist.

Mr. Paras Arora, Senior Vice President, Retail commented, “These paintings show the mastery of the artist into portraying feminine emotions and elegance. The use of black charcoal on white canvas brings freshness of a lyrical quality and also conveys the artist’s deep indulgence and commitment to the art form. We hope this is surely going to fill the hearts of the people and are enlightened.”

He further added, “Moments Mall will always remain indebted to various artists for making it a colorful venue of art. There are plenty of art galleries in the city showcasing various forms of art besides modern and contemporary Indian Art. We feel that visitors with an artistic bent of mind love would love to explore these beautiful art works at the Mall, where groundbreaking works of noted artists and aspiring artists offer visual treats as a breather from the shopping and eating out experience”.

About Moments Mall
Winner of the “Most Admired Shopping Centre Launch of the Year” at Images Shopping Centre Awards 2012 the mall is spread at 7, 50,000 sq. feet, and provides not only multiple brands but also takes care of other amenities of a shopper to enhance the overall experience of shopping, eating out, entertainment, etc. The Mall is developed brought to Central West Delhi by the Delhi based conglomerate Anant Raj Industries Limited.

Moments Mall attracts sophisticated customers from around the city and will revolutionize the shopping experience to become a leader in retail, entertainment and attractions. The Mall is strategically located near a major metropolitan area and is easily accessible to both area residents and visitors. A unique and architecturally distinctive setting is provided for each outlet in the mall which includes a full range of amenities and services which creates a superior, all-around shopping experience.

Moments Mall portfolio includes a Food Lounge, Retail Spaces, Entertainment Zone and other attractions.

About Bhaskar Nayar

Mahatma Gandhi Awardee, Bhaskar Nayar is a Bachelor of Arts from Delhi College, Delhi University. Studied painting under the guidance of renowned painter Shilpi Ganesh he is associated with fabled Art galleries like Ragini Art Gallery etc.

Major Exhibitions

* All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society Gallery (AIFACS), New Delhi, 1996.
* Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi, 1997.
* Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi. 1998.
* Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. 1999.
* Art Junction, Le Grand Hotel, New Delhi. 2000.
* Gallery OM, New Delhi, (Group Show), 2001.
* Art Folio, Chandigarh (Group Show), 2001.
* Centre for Punjabi Literature & Art, New Delhi (Group Show), 2001.
* Mantram Art Foundation (Art Camp & Exhibition) New Delhi, 2001.
* Fusion show at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi (Bharatnatyam recital and paintings on Ardhanarishwar), 2002.
* All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society Gallery (AIFACS), New Delhi, 2007.
* All India Kala Utsav, Ghaziabad, 2007.
* Ashok Art Lounge, Hotel Ashok. 2007  

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