Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sumitomo Metals - Robe River JV Port Expansion in Western Australia

Nippon Steel Corporation (“Nippon Steel”) and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. (“Sumitomo Metals”) have announced that they have decided to invest to expand capacity at Cape Lambert by 70 million tons per year, along with the replacement of existing port facilities (“Port Expansion”), which are jointly operated with Rio Tinto group (“Rio Tinto”) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
While Cape Lambert is currently under construction to increase its nameplate capacity from 80 million tons to 133 million tons per year, the Port Expansion will further increase its nameplate capacity to 203 million tons per year, the first ore shipment to be scheduled in the first half of calendar year 2015. The Expansion Project is subject to Robe River JV partner approval.
The Robe River JV is also studying a mine expansion and is continuously enhancing the ability to supply iron ore to its customers.
Robe River JV
1. History
 1972:Commenced the shipment of iron ore from Robe River
 1977:Participation in a JV by Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metals
 2000:Participation by Rio Tinto in a JV after the “North” TOB
 2002:Commenced the shipment of iron ore from West Angelas
 2009:Expanded Cape Lambert from 57 million tons to 80 million tons per year
 2010:Commenced the shipment of iron ore from Mesa A
 2010:Recorded the shipment of a total of 1 billion tons
 2010:Approved the expansion of Cape Lambert from 80 million tons to 133 million tons per year
2. Shares in the Robe River JV
 Rio Tinto 53%
 Mitsui Iron Ore Development 33%
 Nippon Steel Australia 10.5%
 Sumitomo Metal Australia 3.5%

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