Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nothing Succeeds Like Success: Make It True In Your Life
Deerfield Beach, FL, March 27, 2012 – The mega-blockbuster Power of Focus (HCI) has been updated with new strategies for maintaining focus in the most turbulent of times and released in a special 10th Anniversary Edition. More than 600,000 people around the world have been captivated by the simple, practical, and profound strategies contained in the original bestseller; now a decade later, authors Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt have created a new edition of this enduring classic. Now more than ever, the ability to focus is vital.
Les Hewitt and his co-authors have taken their bestseller and expanded upon it, including a personal look at the last ten years through their experienced eyes. Inspirational stories from ordinary people who have implemented The Power of Focus have been added to make an engaging read. Readers will also find insights on where to sharpen their focus, how to capitalize on the new currency in business, and a Reality Check questionnaire.
“True success in life is based on results, not theories,” co-author Les Hewitt says. “Specific focused action is a lot more important than words." To make following through with focused action even easier, a free comprehensive workbook is included, containing simple Action Steps to maximize The Power of Focus in business and personal life.
The three authors have national name recognition, appearing on Oprah, CNN and Eye to Eye and featured in national magazines and newspapers including Entrepreneur, Success, Time and U.S. News & World Report. They are highly sought-after trainers and speakers who lead frequent keynotes and consult for multinational clients including AT&T, Campbell's Soup, Johnson & Johnson, and Re/Max.
As an entrepreneur for more than 30 years, Les Hewitt understands the real world of business and the struggle and challenges associated with staying focused. His passion is helping business people achieve exceptional profits and productivity while enjoying an excellent balance between work and family. Les is in demand as a dynamic speaker and workshop leader at conventions, sales conferences and management retreats.
Originally from Northern Ireland, he now resides in Calgary with his wife and family.

Excerpts from a recent interview with Les Hewitt:
Les, your book, The Power of Focus, has become a major international bestseller, having been published in 20 languages. What is The Power of Focus—how would you define it?
The ability to set new goals, avoid distractions and interruptions, remaining laser-focused until you hit your specific target.
What are the biggest challenges business people are having today?
The economy; time pressure; cash flow; keeping up with technology and an unclear future.

In your experience, what holds people back from setting and achieving new goals?
Simply, a lack of focus along with fear preventing them from moving forward. They can help overcome this by developing a champion mindset-step into the fear.
What are The 4 Fundamentals and why are they important?
Clarity (schedule a day off to think), priorities (don’t become distracted or interrupted), relationships (in business, focus on your top relationships that give you the greatest leverage), and habits (habits can be changed if you have big enough reasons and a successful habits system).
They are the foundation for creating a better future and solving any crisis, personal, financial or professional.
Any last comment or advice about implementing The Power of Focus so we can hit our business, personal and financial targets with confidence and certainty?
Avoid “recessionitis“– negative media. Surround yourself with strong, experienced, successful people. E.g., a mentor, best friend or coach.
What do people focus on if the recession has hammered them financially e.g. out of a job, home foreclosed?
This too will pass! You may need to take 3 steps backwards before moving forward again. Mitchell’s story focuses on what you want in the future. Look for a positive environment where your specific strengths can be best utilized.
You say for many people, the recession will be the best thing that has happened to them. Why?
It gives them a chance to reflect on what they really want, create new opportunities, enjoy a simpler lifestyle; put everything in perspective. The recession is only an event. It’s not your whole life!

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