Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Restructuring of the Geological Survey of India

 The Union Cabinet today approved a proposal for restructuring of the Geological Survey of India (GSI). The Cabinet also approved the ‘right sizing’ of the strength of GSI by filling up of posts over a 10 year period to achieve full recommended strength as also, approved constitution of Geophysics, Chemistry and Engineering S&T Streams as Organized Services as as to bring them at par with the geology stream.

 The Cadre restructuring will address the acute stagnation, improve career growth and will consequently attract talent to the sector. The restructuring will also facilitate GSI to effectively function in Mission mode with well defined objectives, encourage individual and group development and facilitate specialization. This will also result in better span of control at all levels with clearly defined goals and targets, well laid out responsibilities, robust monitoring mechanisms, effective communication / reporting systems (through multi-channel) and clear accountability at all levels. 

 The proposal is based on the recommendations of the High Powered Committee (HPC) constituted for the purpose of review of the functioning of Geological Survey of India and to assess Geological Survey of India’s capacity and capabilities to meet emerging geosciences challenges, both national and global. The recommendations, when implemented will immensely enhance GSI’s capacity and capability in addressing emerging challenges especially in augmenting resource base, both for essential and strategic minerals. It will also facilitate GSI to undertake issues having immediate societal relevance like climate change, desertification, glacial retreats and coastline changes as well as geogenic issues.

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