Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freak Diavolo of Ulysse Nardin awarded.

Mexico - October 6th. On the occasion of the closing ceremony dinner of the fifth edition of the Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria (SIAR), the Tiempo de Relojes 2011 award ceremony took place in the gardens of the Museum of Modern Art of Mexico City. Ulysse Nardin obtained the Premio Especial Tiempo de Relojes for its masterpiece Freak Diavolo, marking the tenth anniversary of the watch which introduced silicon to the watchmaking world.

Consisted of specialized journalists, the jury of Tiempo de Relojes, one of the most important watch magazine of Mexico elected Freak Diavolo of the swiss manufacture Ulysse Nardin among 46 watchmaking luxury brands gathered during three days to the SIAR event become major on American soil.

Due to the ultramodern, minimalist and unconventional design of the Freak’s tourbillon carrousel – one that possessed no true dial, crown or hands – and being the first timepiece to successfully present escapement wheels constructed of silicium, a revolutionary material at the time, the Freak forever changed the course of haute horology. The Freak Diavolo pays tribute to the original Freak’s pioneering spirit by expanding its use of silicium and taking its tourbillon to new heights.

Named after its devilish-in-appearance power-reserve backing, with its red “horns” and black cloak-like backdrop, the Freak Diavolo is the cleverest of timepiece creations. Case in point, silicium is used in its patented hairspring (Si 1.1.1.) and throughout the majority of its escapement – the heart and most delicate part of the watch.

Steadfast in its journey to remain in the lead, Ulysse Nardin strides forward, looking to its own universe – its leadership, master craftsmen and their dedication to the art of creating mechanical timepieces – to plot its course. The watch brand remains on a quest for more information, inventiveness and beauty. It is passion that guides its ingenious mind and momentum.

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