Monday, October 31, 2011

For the Love of Nature
Glimpses of nature being explored at the Gallery at Svenska
Daily 8am to Midnight, November 1-15, 2011

Svenska Design Hotels in Mumbai launched its art initiative in June and since then has had a succession of award winning as well as upcoming artists displaying their passion to a discerning audience.

During the first fortnight of November, the Gallery at Svenska will showcase an exhibition titled “For the Love of Nature” by artist Nandita Desai. Nandita Desai has lived a full life – teacher, raconteur, author, artist and academician. The show captures the nature in all its glory and is a detailed reflection of this artist who has followed several career paths from cooking to academia. Her approach to art is a reflection of her past encounters with the world and the varied hats she has worn through all the stages in her life.

The shows at the Gallery at Svenska are spread over various public areas, restaurants and lounge bars within the design hotel, including Miro Specialty Mediterranean-Spanish restaurant (named after the famous Spanish artist Juan Miro); the chic and trendy Miro Lounge; the world-cuisine casual all-day dining restaurant, Mesa Bistro; and the al-fresco, Mesa Deli.

About the Art and Artists

Nandita Desai is a self-taught artist who has travelled extensively and has seen the world through various perspectives. At different stages of her life, she has taken a route radically different from the one she has ever treaded. She wears different hats and is as gifted as they come, She has been awarded a doctorate for her work in academics, has been a professor at University in the USA, is currently penning a children’s cookbook and loves to paint nature in it’s glory.

About the Art Initiative at the Gallery at Svenska

The Art Initiative at the Gallery at Svenska was created to provide a platform to both established as well as upcoming young artists to display their flair and creativity. The Gallery at Svenska does not charge the artists for their wall space nor do they keep a commission on the sale of their works. At the end of the allotted exhibition time however, a painting of the artist is retained which will then be sold via a celebrity auction, with the proceeds go to charity.

About Svenska Design Hotels

Svenska Design Hotels are a collection of modern boutique 5-star hotels based on Swedish design philosophy and contemporary European styling with clean lines and minimalist interiors. Svenska hosts some of the most trendy and delightful restaurants, bars and delis. Tastefully designed, exceptionally serviced and with a wide range of eclectic gourmet cuisines, our food & beverage offerings include Miro (Mediterranean with strong Spanish influences), Miro Lounge, Mesa Bistro (all-day-dining, multi-cuisine) and Mesa Deli.

About The Gallery at Svenska

The Gallery at Svenska offers a unique combination and platform for design and the creative arts such as music, paintings, sculptures and other cultural activities to co-exist together, creating an environment that is rich, alive and vibrant. The Gallery at Svenska allows patrons to interact with the art and the arts scene in an intimate, unusual and non-formal environment.


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