Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don’t Like to Wear Socks?
Try Silver Linings

Silver Linings shoe liners are designed for women who  wear shoes without socks, because the silver acts as an antibacterial agent to keep feet odor free, according to the company, Silver Linings by Chu Shu. The active silver ion agent is Agion antibacterial, which is an EPAregistered ionic silver technology. 

Silver Linings have an anti-slip layer that keeps it  in place without an adhesive. Each pair lasts about a month and cost $16 for a pack containing three pair. They come in one-half shoe length size (one size fits all) so they provide coverage for the forefoot area, where most of the moisture and sweat reside. The pads are also absorbent to soak up sweat and moisture.

From the Silver Institute newsletter

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