Saturday, October 29, 2011

More coal rakes to Power Stations

Ministry of Coal is regularly reviewing the coal stock position with the power plants of the country. During 21st to 27th October, 2011, the total average railway rake loading was 169 rakes per day, out of which 134 rakes were for the power sector. In addition, on an average, 6 MGR rakes and another 1,53,000 tonnes were also dispatched through MGR to the power stations during this month so far.

During October, till 27th October, 2011, the overall average rail loading from CIL sources was 156 rakes, out of which 127 rakes were dispatched to the power stations.

The coal stock position in the power stations where there is less than 4 days stock has also been continuously reviewed. Out of 32 power stations which are having less than 4 days stock as on 26.10.2011, 4 plants are located in Andhra Pradesh and 8 plants are located in West Bengal. Due to strike in Singareni Collieries Company Ltd, the coal supplies to the power plants of Andhra Pradesh were affected and now that the strike has been called off, regular coal supply from SCCL has been restored. However, it will take some more time for these plants to build up coal stocks. The power plants of West Bengal have been regulating their coal supplies from ECL due to huge outstanding payments payable to the coal company and increase in the cost of higher grade of coal being supplied to these plants.

There are three power plants located in Tamil Nadu having less than 4 days coal stock. During the period of strike in SCCL, railway rakes from MCL and other coal companies were diverted to Andhra Pradesh, which has resulted in reduced availability to the plants of Tamil Nadu. The coal supplies from MCL /ECL to these plants has now picked up and it is expected that the coal supply to the ports, from where the coal is evacuated by TNEB through ships, would improve shortly.

There are five power pithead plants where there is coal stock of less than 4 days. Coal is being moved to these plants through Merry-Go-Round (MGR) and are nearer to the mines. Therefore, building of huge stocks in such power stations is generally not done.

As on 26.10.2011, the power plants had 8.13 MT of coal stocks, which is equivalent to 7 days stock.

The coal companies have been advised to ensure priority movement of coal to the power stations of the country so as to improve the power generation and to build up coal stocks.

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