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National Solar Mission puts Renewable Energy Sector on the move during 2009


Year End Review – 2009

Ministry of New & Renewable Energy

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) being the nodal Ministry of the Government of India at the National level for all matters relating to new and renewable energy such as solar, wind, biomass, small hydro, hydrogen, geothermal etc., during the year 2009, continued its endeavor to promote renewable energy technologies and increase the contribution of renewable energy in the total energy mix in the years to come.

It is implementing a wide range of programmes on research and development, demonstration and promotion of renewable energy for rural, urban, commercial and industrial applications as well as for grid-interactive power generation.

Main activities/ achievements during the year 2009

During the year 2009 the major initiatives & activities undertaken and the achievements made are as follows:

v A total of 1073.62 MW renewable energy covering 184 Villages + 86 Hamlets has been added during the year.

v 1056.12 MW grid-interactive renewable power generation capacities have been added in the country. The major contribution came from Wind Power (649 MW), Biomass Power (113 MW), Small Hydro Power (91 MW) and Bagasse based Cogeneration Power (192 MW).

v Off-grid/ distributed Renewable Power of 17.5 MW equivalent capacity has been setup mainly from Biomass/Non – bagasse cogeneration (10.6 MW) and Biomass gasifiers (2.9 MW).

Details of cumulative achievements as on 31.10.2009 are at annexure-1.

Solar Energy

§ The Government has launched a Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. This Mission is one of the eight key National Missions which comprise India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change. It has twin objective – to contribute to India’s long term energy security as well as its ecological security. The Solar Mission recommends a three stage implementation leading up to an installed capacity of 20,000 MW by the end of the 13th Five Year Plan in 2022.

§ Installation of 50 Kw solar power plant and 100 street lights with full support from the Ministry completed in Rashtrapati Bhawan and inaugurated by the President on 25th July, 2009.

§ The first megawatt scale capacity grid-interactive Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant of the country has been setup in Asansol district of West Bengal by West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation.

§ A scheme to encourage banks for micro financing of solar photovoltaic systems i.e., solar lightings, solar lanterns, solar pumps etc. has been launched. The Banks will finance at the existing interest rate.

§ India’s largest Solar Steam Cooking System has been set up in the New Prasadalaya building of Shirdi Saibaba Temple Complex which cooks food for about 17,000 persons per day. The project was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for New and Renewable Energy on 30th July, 2009 at Shirdi.

§ In-principle approval has been given to 30 Cities for developing as ‘Solar Cities’ in the country out of which sanctions have been issued for 12 Cities for which the Master Plan is under preparation. The Solar City aims at minimum 10% deduction in projected demand of conventional energy through a combination of energy efficiency measures and enhancing supply from renewable energy sources.

§ 512 remote boarder villages in Arunachal Pradesh have been illuminated through solar photovoltaic lighting systems.

§ Solar homelighting systems installed in 3900 households in 27 villages of Gurez tehsil in Jammu & Kashmir to enable 30,000 people living in these villages to enjoy the benefits of modern lighting.

Wind Energy

Wind energy accounts for 70% of total installed renewable energy generation capacity. In a major initiative, Government has recently announced a scheme for Generation Based Incentives of 50 paise per unit of electricity fed into the grid from wind power projects subject to a maximum of Rs. 62.00 lakh per MW.

International cooperation

Joint working group meeting held in March, 09 of Indo-Japan and Indo Australia for cooperation in projects relating to R&D.

MOU with Chile signed in March,09 in the presence of Prime Ministers of both the countries for cooperation in Renewable Energy.

Visit of solar trade mission of USA in March,09 to explore investment opportunities.
Indian delegation attended Canada-India Energy Forum during 15-16 April,09.

Union Minister led a delegation to Egypt during 29th-30th June 09 to participate in Second Preparatory Commission of IRENA.

A meeting with the representative was held in Ministry with USDOE on 29th June, 09 for cooperation in the areas of Biofuel.

The National Policy on Bio-fuels has been approved by the Cabinet in its meeting held on 23rd July, 2009. The policy will bring about accelerated development and promotion of the cultivation, production and use of Bio-fuels to increasing the substitute Petrol and Diesel for transport and be used in stationary and other applications.

Information and public Awareness

§ The Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Divas was celebrated through out the country on 20th August, 2009 to create mass awareness among the people about the utilization and advantages of Renewable Energy systems and devices in their daily life. On this occasion, mass rallies, human chains/runs, competitions such as essay writing, paintings, quiz and debates, etc. on the theme of New and Renewable Energy sources were organized not only in the State capitals and other major cities of different States but also in all the districts of the country. The National function was organized at Jaipur which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister of New and Renewable Energy.

§ A scheme on ‘Special Area Demonstration Project’ has been introduced on demonstration of Renewable Energy Systems/devices at places of National and Inter national Importance, at centralized kitchens and at roadside eating joints and restaurants where large flow of people and tourists takes place every day with an objective to popularize the Renewable Energy Systems and devices to create greater awareness.

§ Under the SADP scheme, the Ministry has sanctioned first project of illumination, lighting and solar water heating system at Raj Bhawan, Kolkatta through a 50 Kw solar power plant. The project was inaugurated by the President on 7th December, 2009.

§ Under the SADP scheme, the Ministry has also sanctioned project of illumination, lighting and solar water heating system at Raj Bhawan, Raipur through a 45 Kw solar power plant on 21st December, 2009.

Other programmes

§ Under Remote Village Electrification Programme, 120 villages have been sanctioned.

§ About 30,000 family size biogas plants have been installed in the country.

§ 19 Water Mills were installed in the Uttarakhand and Karnataka States.

§ Prime Minister’s special package for project on electrification/illumination of border villages of Arunachal Pradesh.

§ Preparation of developmental plan for Ladakh Region is in progress.

§ Consultative meeting on improved chulhas for rural households.

§ Consultative committee on Biomass cook stoves for urban and rural application met and submitted it’s recommendations

New Schemes

Following New scheme were launched during the year 2009 for promoting various renewable energy Programmes:

· National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) during the remaining period of the 11th Five year Plan was announced on 27th November, 2009.

· Demonstration Programme on providing incentives to banks /micro financing institutions to support installation of solar home lighting and other small solar systems through loans in the country during the 11th Plan period announced on 17th August, 2009.

· Implementation of the Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Programme during FY 2009-10 was announced on 10th July, 2009.

· Implementation of the ‘Solar Lantern Programme’ during 2009-10 announced on 8th July, 2009.

· Implementation of the Small Hydro Power Programme up to 25 Mw capacity during FY 2009-10 was announced on 11th December,, 2009.

· Implementation of Biomass Gasifier based Distributed / Off-grid Programme for Rural Areas and Grid Power Programme announced on 1st December, 2009.

· Scheme for Development / Up-gradation of Watermills and setting up Micro Hydel Projects (up to 100 kW capacity) announced on 18th February, 2009.

· Implementation the Programme on Energy Recovery from Urban Wastes during the year 2009-10 announced on 18th August, 2009.

· Programme on Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste during the year 2009-10 announced on 9th July, 2009.

· Programme on Recovery of Energy from Industrial Wastes during the year 2009-10 announced on 6th July, 2009.

· New Technology Programmes/Schemes for the year 2009-2010 announced on 11th June, 2009.

· Implementation of HRD Programme during 2009-10 announced on 2nd June, 2009.

· Implementation of Special Area Demonstration Project Scheme during 2009-10 announced on 23rd July, 2009.


Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA), a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy(MNRE), has presented the dividend of Rs.11.25 crore for the financial year 2008-09. IREDA sanctioned 47 projects involving loan commitment of Rs.1489.93 crore registering an impressive growth of 80.35%. The loan sanctioned will result in establishment of additional renewable power generation capacity of about 403.75 MW.

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