Thursday, August 23, 2012

Victorinox it!

Voyager Lite
The Victorinox Voyager Lite lives up to the company’s motto of providing practical, economical yet quality products to the travelers. It has everything that one needs for adventure and leisure travel. The tool is globally recognized for its functionality, quality, design and innovation. It fulfills the two major objectives of any traveler which are ease of use and reliability.
With a powerful LED light, a long lasting battery and a digital clock with alarm and timer, it becomes the ideal companion which is both compact and multi-functional for all outdoor activities.
1.      large blade
2.      small blade
3.      can opener with
4.      -small screwdriver
5.      corkscrew
6.      reamer, punch
7.      Philips screwdriver
8.      Key ring
9.      toothpick
10.  tweezers
11.  mini-screwdriver
12.  pin, stainless steel
13.  multi-purpose hook with
14.  -nailfile
15.  Bottle opener with
16.  -screwdriver
17.  -wire stripper
18.  scissors
19.  Pressurized ballpoint pen
20.  LED, light white
21.  digital clock with
22.  -alarm
23.  -timer
MRP: 5240 INR
Availability: at all leading Outlets including Basecamp, Shoppers Stop, Staples, Crossword, Reliance Depot, Reliance Timeout, William Pens and Debenhams.

Victorinox Rescue Tool
Developed in collaboration with rescue services, the Rescue Tool by Victorinox is a life savior in an emergency.All parts have been subject to stringent tests; particularly the window breaker and disc saw tools. The rounded belt cutter can be used to cut through seatbelts safely. The tool comprises of some of the most important functions which are essential for survival when trapped in a vehicle.Furthermore, the appearance of the Rescue Tool with its luminescent yellow grip shells and a bright red/yellow nylon case makes it easily visibleat the time of an emergency.
1.      reamer, punch
2.      Philips screwdriver
3.      Key ring
4.      toothpick
5.      tweezers
6.      window breaker
7.      strong screwdriver / crate opener with
8.      –bottle opener
9.      -wire stripper
10.  seatbelt cutter
11.  glass disc saw for shatterproof glass
12.  nylon cord
13.  nylon pouch
14.  luminescent handles
15.  serrated lock blade for one hand opening
1.      Color: Luminescent
2.      Length: 122 mm
3.      Width: 34.5 mm
4.      Height: 21 mm
5.      Net Weight:170 g
MRP: 4620 INR
Availability: at all leading Outlets including Basecamp, Shoppers Stop, Staples, Crossword, Reliance Depot, Reliance Timeout, William Pens and Debenhams.

Victorinox Swiss Champ XAVT
Victorinox Swiss Champ XAVT is an ultimate combination of functionality, utility, innovation and design that was put to the world’s most rigorous tests and emerged as an undefeated winner.
Practical, useful and reliable, this tool proves its worth in everyday practice and also during any expedition or excursion. Be it any endeavour, Victorinox Swiss Champ XAVT marks its presence when it comes to functionality and utility.
With refined alloy, special stainless steel and careful handcrafting, it guarantees the highest quality of product with a remarkable heritage and legacy of more than 127 years.
Providing a total of 80 functions, it has all the tools one can even think of. Right from basic functions like scissors, blade, nail filer, wire stripper, can and bottle opener to complex functional tools like Philips Screw Driver, thermometer, altimeter, timer, digital clock, metal and wood saw, Victorinox Swiss Champ XAVT stands apart when it comes to delivering innovation.
Major Functions:
  1. Large blade
  2. Small blade
  3. Corkscrew
  4. Can opener with
  5. small screwdriver 3 mm
  6. Bottle opener with
  7. large screwdriver 6 mm
  8. wirestripper
  9. Reamer
  10. Key ring
  11. Tweezers
  12. Toothpick
  13. Scissors
  14. Multi-purpose hook (also parcel carrier)
  15. Wood saw
  16. Fishscaler with
  17. -hook disgorger
  18. ruler (cm & inches)
  19. Nail file with
  20. metal file
  21. nail cleaner
  22. metal saw
  23. Fine screwdriver 2 mm
  24. Chisel
  25. Pliers with
  26. wire cutters
  27. wire crimping tool
  28. Phillips screwdriver
  29. Magnifying Glass 1
  30. Ball point pen (also to set DIP-Switches)
  31. Pin
  32. Mini-screwdriver
  33. Sewing eye
  34. Bits Case 1 and Wrench with
  35. 5mm female Hex drive for D-SUB connectors
  36. 4mm female Hex drive for the bits
  37. Bit Phillips 0 (Pozidrive)
  38. Bit Phillips 1 (Pozidrive)
  39. Bit Slotted 4 mm
  40. Bit Phillips 2
  41. Bit Hex 4 mm
  42. Bit Torx 8
  43. Bit Torx 10
  44. Bit Torx 15
  45. Bits Case 2 and Wrench with
  46. 5mm female Hex drive for D-SUB connectors
  47. 4mm female Hex drive for the bits
  48. Bit Phillips 0 (Pozidrive)
  49. Bit Phillips 1 (Pozidrive)
  50. Bit Slotted 4 mm
  51. Bit Phillips 2
  52. Bit Hex 4 mm
  53. Bit Torx 8
  54. Bit Torx 10
  55. Bit Torx 15
  56. Large blade
  57. White LED light
  58. Magnifying Glass 2
  59. Multi-purpose hook with nailfile
  60. Reamer
  61. Pruning blade
  62. Electrician's blade with wire scraper
  63. Pharmaceutical spatula
  64. Combination tool with
  65. cap lifter
  66. can opener
  67. screwdriver
  68. wire stripper
  69. Watch opener
  70. Fine screwdriver 2 mm
  71. Digital clock
  72. Altimeter
  73. Barometer
  74. Alarm
  75. Countdown
  76. Timer
  77. Thermometer

MRP: 22920 INR
Availability: at all leading Outlets including Basecamp, Shoppers Stop, Westside, Central, Staples, Crossword, Reliance Depot, Reliance Timeout, William Pens and Debenhams.

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