Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sidharth Bhardwaj Happy for his Bigg Boss Mate – Sunny Leone

Mumbai, August 8, 2012: Former roommate of the Bigg Boss house season 5, Sidharth Bhardwaj is very happy for adult movie star Sunny Leone. On Thursday evening Sidharth Bhardwaj watched former Bigg Boss Housemate Sunny Leone’s film Jism 2 with a couple of friends.
Sources close to Sidharth disclosed that he was rather happy to see this side of her as an actor. When she entered the Bigg Boss house no one had even a slightest clue that she was a pornstar and Sidharth had formed a very different image of her. It was a shocking revelation. It took time for everyone to get accustomed to this news but that didn’t change Sidharth’s opinion of Sunny. Even though they didn’t start out on the right note, he respects her for all the choices she’s made. In fact in one of the tasks at Bigg Boss she chose to be handcuffed to Sidharth.
Sidharth added, “I am glad that she chose to do movies over adult films, she’s started out with a big production house. It was great to see her on the big screen. We haven’t really been in touch after Bigg Boss but this is a big step for her. I have tweeted wishing her all the luck and success for her movie.” 

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