Friday, August 3, 2012

Ministry of Tourism Facilitates Adoption of Ten ASI Manuments under Campaign Clean India.
The Ministry of Tourism has facilitated the adoption of ten important Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) monuments by Institutes of Hotel Management (IHM) and Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management under Campaign Clean India. The monument are :- i) Golkunda Fort, Hyderabad; ii) Se’ Cathedral & St. Francis Assisi Church Complex , old Goa; iii) Gwalior Fort, Gwalior; iv) Buddhist Caves, Kanheri (Maharashtra); v) Megalithic Bridge on the Um-Nyakaneth between Jaracm and Syndai, Um-Nyakaneth, (Meghalya); vi) Red Fort, Delhi; vii) Temples at Bhubneshwar ,Bhubneshwar; viii) Bhatinda Fort, Bhatinda (Punjab); ix) Mamallapuram Group of Monuments, Mamallapuram (Tamil Nadu); and x) Imambara of Asaf-ud Daula,lucknow.

The Ministry of Tourism will engage the Quality Council of India (QCI) for an independent and objective evaluation of the state of cleanliness specific to each monument chosen for adoption. The QCI will classify the improvement over the adoption period as Average, Good, Very Good and Excellent. Based on the QCI classification, the Ministry will extend awards with citation to the adopters.

Cleanliness and proper hygiene are universally regarded as indispensable existential norms that must inform and permeate all our actions. Conversely, lack of or inadequate personal and environmental cleanliness will have a pull down impact on the image India, the worst hit being the tourism sector where the first impression of a visitor is often his last. The Ministry Of Tourism will therefore visualise and look for an India that impacts a visitor, to being with, for its cleanliness and hygiene.

The approach of the Ministry of Tourism will be a blend of persuasion, education, training, demonstration and sensitization of all segments of our society. The Ministry will, in particular, work towards the cleanliness of certain identified tourist destinations. The objective eventually will be to ensure that the cleanliness and environmental hygiene, specific to the identified destinations, are truly world class and that they serve as models to be replicated elsewhere.

In furtherance of Campaign, the Ministry of Tourism has launched a scheme of awareness for Cleanliness through Facilitators i.e. NGOs/Schools/Colleges and Adopters (PSUs), Corporates, Industry etc.) specific to certain selected tourist destinations under Campaign Clean India.

The scheme will enable schools and non profit organisations namely the registered societies, trusts and clubs of repute to adopt, voluntarily, certain indicated destinations. The scheme also provides for a dispensation to regulate each adoption. The one important aspect of the scheme is that it necessitate an assessment of the performance by an independent agency namely Quality Council of India. Their assessment will also be the basis of awards to the better performing schools, NGOs and adopters. 

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