Saturday, August 18, 2012

Interactive Session with Mr.Zhang Lizhong, Consul General of China in Kolkata, August 17, 2012, MCCI

       Shri Anupam Shah, Past President, MCCI in his welcome address sought the assistance of Chinese Foreign Office in India to find out avenues to address the grievances of Indian traders who incur losses due to fake Chinese Exporters who are found to ‘close shops’ after shipping spurious goods under forged documents.

          Mr Zhang Lizhong highlighted that the Government has purposely introduced measures to slow down the economy which clubbed with Global economic turmoil has resulted in the drop of GDP growth rate below 8% first time in three years.

‘Bandhs, ‘Strikes,’Lack of infrastructure’ have been highlighted as the key bottlenecks faced by the 15 Chinese Companies operating on contract in Eastern India. However ‘low cost efficient labour’,’rich work experience’, ’short construction period’ are the key incentives of doing business in this part of the country.

Energy Saving Industry, ’Infrastructure’, ’Tourism’, ’Infrastructure’, ’Pharmaceutical Industry’, ’IT’, ’Agriculture’, are the potential areas of bilateral cooperation. Mr Lizhong stressed that ‘Assam and Darjeeling Tea should be directed supplied to China since they are better quality and more cost effective. A local manufacturer of Assam Tea made a business of worth USD 10,000 on the first day of doing business in China.

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