Friday, August 24, 2012


Army assistance is sought by civil administration, besides internal security for natural calamities.The present protracted heavy rainfall was unprecedented in Rajasthan, including the capital of Jaipur,for which required certain elements from Army's South Western Command to be activated for flood relief duties,on being requistioned by the civil administration.The organisational strength of army formations and units,with its standard operating procedure have risen to the immediate occasion to provide immediate relief for the affected people in this disaster management.

Under the aegis of Army's Jaipur based South Western Command have rushed rescue and relief stores with 10000 sand bags and 10 water pumps to the affected areas of Madrempura, Jaipur on request for assistance by civil administration.Another flood relief column have rushed to Laxmangarh in Sikar district.

In addition flood relief columns of the army have been placed at the affected areas to be employed at the earliest,as and when requisitioned.The flood relief columns comprises of professionally trained troops in execution of all types of conceivable rescue and relief tasks in flood affected areas along with the requisite equipment,medical team and other support elements of the army.

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