Monday, July 23, 2012

With love from Taj

Internationally renowned fashion photographer Pravin Talan has launched a unique project titled ‘With love from Taj’ in association with Taj Mahotsav Committee  (U.P. Tourism).

 ‘With Love From Taj' is a multi-dimensional project that is aimed at creating memorabilia to promote arts, crafts, culture and tourism; creating awareness about, and promoting the exquisite craftsmanship that has for centuries flourished in small lanes and by lanes of Agra city-whether its the intricate marble inlay work, the fine Zardozi or carpet weaving; bringing together on a single platform India’s leading artists and artisans who have in their works some element or inspiration drawn from Taj Mahal.

A ten-day photo shoot was done at Taj Mahal and in various parts of the city, featuring top designers creations, models, various performers and craftsmen including renowned names like Padma Sri Fazal Mohammad.

To kick-start the project, Secretary & D.G. Tourism Manoj Kumar Singh, launched a unique calendar shot by Pravin Talan, at Fatehpur Sikri, in presence of other top officials like Director General Archaeological Survey of India, and Amrit Abhijat (Chairman –Taj Mahotsav committee) amongst others.

Taj Mahal- the most visited monument of India epitomizes the perfection in architectural design and synthesis of cultural traditions. This world heritage marvel, for hundreds of years has demonstrated the spirit of assimilation and continuity of the Indian tradition.

Pravin Talan, more known for the artistic interpretations of his varied subjects, has dedicated ‘with love from Taj’ to the timelessness of Taj Mahal, beauty of women, our cherished traditions and artistic refinements.

In due course, the promoters are planning to have a dedicated website for the project, exhibitions, and to release various souvenirs and a coffee table book.

The project would be continued round the year.

About the calendar

Taj Mahal is about architecture, design, art and emotions. Its symmetry, fine visual balance, architectural brilliance, its various hues and moods, have been beautifully captured and artistically painted across the fourteen pages calendar.

Each image looks different from the other and presents aspects of Taj Mahal never before explored. A woman draped in Anand Kabra saree, staring at reflection of Taj Mahal at the central tank, to another one wearing a Anamika Khanna outfit, casually walking by the famous intricate Jali work on façade of white marble platform. Each image represents a different dimension of Taj Mahal and a different mood of the woman.

Throughout the calendar a fine visual balance between the models, designers’ creations and the Taj Mahal is maintained, so that the impact of none is lost.

The calendar features inspired creations by some of India’s most acclaimed designers like Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Falguni & Shane Peacock, Anamika Khanna and Anand Kabra.

Pravin Talan, with his technical brilliance and fine aesthetics, using a wide array of lenses, unusual compositions and intelligent lighting, has created an iconic calendar and presented Taj Mahal to the world as never seen before.

Pravin Talan -My Inspiration

Barely ten, I stood in front of the grandness of Taj Mahal for the first time. I felt small and insignificant. Actually lost.

And then in my teens, I was in awe of not only the wonder, but also of the story behind its creation. That an emperor had built such a beautiful final resting place for his beloved inspired me and fueled the romance in my heart that flowed in the poetry I wrote, as freely as did Yamuna river on the banks of which, Taj so majestically stood.

After years of traveling and seeing the world, I returned home, to the Taj, to come to realize what its true significance was. Its every stone, in its silence, spoke of the heart of an emperor and the souls of artists, so beautifully painted across each carving, engraved in each inscription.

It called out to me, to capture the essence of the craftsmen in my own expression. 'With Love From Taj' is dedicated to the timelessness of Taj, beauty of women, our cherished traditions and artistic refinements.

I know a lifetime isn't enough to capture it...its moods change with every season and its inspirations with each passing year.

 Today, I stand in front of Taj and still feel small...but now my soul feels the timeless connection and I know I have undertaken a long and exciting journey.

This calendar is just the beginning. 

Note: the shoot was done:
*  in association with Taj Mahotsav Committee (U.P. Tourism)
* and could not have been possible without the co-operation extended by the Archaeological Survey of India ( currently celebrating its 150 years)

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