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Building Excellent, Ethical, And Enduring Organizations
The Triple Crown of thoroughbred horseracing is known worldwide as the most elusive championship in all of sports. In business there is also an elusive triple crown – the goal of building and sustaining organizations that are excellent (high performance), ethical (do the right thing), and enduring (stand the test of time).
In TRIPLE CROWN LEADERSHIP: Building Excellent, Ethical, And Enduring Organizations, Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek draw on interviews with leaders at sixty-one organizations in eleven countries, including Google, Zappos, eBay, Infosys, Cisco, Mayo Clinic, KIPP, Spotify, and Xerox, to reveal the standard they identify as triple crown leadership. In addition, they discuss their own experiences in the corporate, nonprofit, and academic worlds, and use analogies and examples from the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes to show how organizations the world over can achieve greatness.
Bob Vanourek has served as CEO of New York Stock Exchange companies during his thirty-year business career and Gregg Vanourek currently teaches at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and the Royal Institute of Technology (see full bios below). In TRIPLE CROWN LEADERSHIP, the Vanoureks show that “triple crown organizations” (excellent, ethical, and enduring) require a new brand of leadership. “One of the primary tasks of leadership is to get results – ideally, exceptional results,” the authors state. “However, in the pursuit of results too many leaders cut ethical corners, focus too much on the short term, or engage in unsustainable behavior. Leaders seeking to build excellent, ethical, and enduring organizations engage people more, gain their loyalty and creativity, and build mutually beneficial relationships with other stakeholders.”
The first half of the book delivers the five practices of triple crown leadership:

Head and Heart: Most organizations focus on knowledge, skills, and experience – “head” issues. Triple crown leaders, by contrast, recruit for all that plus character, emotional intelligence, and “fit” with the culture of the organization – people with both “head” and “heart.”
The Colors: Triple crown leaders employ their organization’s shared purpose, values, and vision as sacrosanct “colors” to represent their quest, infusing them into the DNA of the organization.
Steel and Velvet: Triple crown leadership requires the judgment to flex between the hard and soft edges of leadership, depending on the situation and the people, without being inconsistent.
Stewards: Inside triple crown organizations, stewards develop and protect the organization’s colors and culture of character. They work on the enterprise, not just in it.
Alignment: Triple crown leaders align organizations to achieve peak performance.
The second half of the book answers critical questions that arise in special circumstances:
Turnarounds: What must leaders do differently during transformational turnarounds and crises?
Startups: What can entrepreneurs do to position their ventures for high performance, integrity, and impact?
Social Impact: How can organizations achieve a positive social impact – on employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, communities, the environment, and the world – even as they achieve exceptional performance?
Snapshots: How can leaders assess progress in building excellent, ethical, and enduring organizations?
The authors also shine a spotlight on organizations that have broken down, revealing why so many companies have gone from great to grim, and how to avoid that fate.
TRIPLE CROWN LEADERSHIP calls leaders into the starting gate with a new race plan for building excellent, ethical, and enduring organizations. Managers, aspiring leaders, and leaders already in the race will gain valuable knowledge they can use to lead more effectively.

About the authors
Bob Vanourek has served as CEO of New York Stock Exchange companies during his thirty-year business career. As CEO (now retired), Bob guided Sensormatic (a $1 billion security company) and Recognition Equipment (a $250 million optical character recognition company) through successful turnarounds. He has served as Group Vice President and Division President of two major divisions of Pitney Bowes (a $5 billion mail stream company) and Vice President, General Manager of two divisions of Avery International (a $6 billion adhesives company). Vanourek has led businesses and teams that have won numerous local, state, and national awards, including a state-level Malcolm Baldrige Quality Prize and the Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence (shortly after he left).
He is a dynamic and popular speaker on leadership and has written several book chapters and articles. He has taught leadership at the University of Denver and Colorado Mountain College and is Chairman Emeritus of the Vail Leadership Institute. Vanourek has served on the boards of and consults with numerous businesses and community organizations. He is a Baker Scholar graduate of the Harvard Business School, a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, and served as an officer in the U.S. Army. Bob Vanourek lives in Colorado.
Gregg Vanourek is coauthor of three books: Triple Crown Leadership, Life Entrepreneurs, and Charter Schools in Action. He has written several book chapters and reports, as well as numerous articles for leading media outlets, including Harvard Business Review blogs and Washington Times columns. Vanourek teaches at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and the Royal Institute of Technology. Previously, he taught at the Euromed School of Management, University of Denver, and Colorado Mountain College. He cofounded New Mountain Ventures (an entrepreneurial leadership development company) and served as Senior Vice President of School Development for K12 (a market-leading online education company, NYSE: LRN) during its startup years. In addition, he helped to launch and served as Vice President for Programs at the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation (an education reform foundation) and research fellow at the Hudson Institute (a think tank).
Vanourek is a featured speaker and consultant for clients worldwide. He is a graduate of the Yale School of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Claremont McKenna College. He serves on the board of the Vail Leadership Institute. A native of California, Gregg Vanourek currently lives in Sweden.

“It’s been more than thirty years since the sport of kings last saw a Triple Crown. We can’t wait that long for the triple crown of leadership – the stakes are too high and the need too urgent.
It’s time to embrace this vision of lasting, ethical leadership.”
-Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

“A rare combination of deep insight and helpful research, and an important book. Relevant and timely.
Smart and helpful guidance for leaders about today’s pressing problems.”
-Stephen R. Covey and Stephen M. R. Covey, from the Foreword

Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations
By Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek
Foreword by Stephen R. Covey and Stephen M.R. Covey
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Publication date: July 2012
Price: $28.00 / hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-07-179150-2

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