Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Native State - A Jewellery And Accessories E-Boutique To Inspire The Native In All Of Us

     10 Sep 12

They say a journey starts with a single step - The Native State is more prone to leaps of faith.  So they've donned their tassle boots, put on a showstopper dress, grabbed their favourite necklace and leapt. Welcome to The Native State.
The Native State is a new UK based online jewellery and accessory boutique. Taking inspiration from indigenous cultures around the world, the thoughtfully curated collection features designers from every corner of the globe - including a number of labels that are exclusive to The Native State in the UK.
The brainchild of Frankie Anderson, The Native State opened its virtual doors this summer. Inspired by her travels and a desire to bring a cultural diversity to the UK jewellery market, Frankie set about exploring the world's most creative designers, both established and up and coming.
Frankie said: "From its beginnings, The Native State's focus has been to discover those individual pieces that put a smile on your face. We wanted to avoid the labels available on the high street, instead sourcing designers that create exclusive pieces that make you feel confident in your own personal style. The Native State holds a well-known quote in its heart at all times; be the change you wish to see in the world."
Hand crafted leather bags from Uruguay sit alongside desert inspired Texan jewels, tie-dyed Canadian clutches are complemented by Californian fedoras and spiky Scottish hair accessories neighbor delicate North American feather prints.
The first label to join The Native State was cult Australian brand Spell Designs. Based in Byron Bay, Spell has garnered a strong following thanks to their bohemian designs featuring feathers, turquoise and leather.
Others were quick to follow; The 2 Bandits, Scout and Catalogue, Jen's Pirate Booty, Vanessa Mooney, Alkemie, Alushia Sanchia, Lovely Bird Hats, Robbie Porter, Hannah Chloe, River Luna, Ceek, Samanca, LUXLA and Kelly McAllister.

The Native State opened in June 2012 by 31-year-old Frankie Anderson.

Many of The Native State's brands are UK online exclusives: The 2 Bandits, Scout and Catalogue, Lovely Bird Hats, River Luna, Alushia Sanchia, Alkemie, Ceek, Samanca, LUXLA, Torchlight.

Each order is delicately gift-wrapped and includes a personal gift note from The Native State owner, Frankie.

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