Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Some Executives Move From Success To
Fulfillment And Others Don’t
by Brian Gast
Publisher: Barnegat Press
Publication date: November 2012
Price: $24.95 / hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9849419-0-2

“THE BUSINESS OF WANTING MORE is for anyone who has worked hard and made sacrifices to achieve their career ambitions only to discover that what they were seeking left them empty, unfulfilled, and lost. Brian Gast is writing for an audience – the successful unhappy – that has been largely ignored and not talked about in business and management publishing.”
-Brian Watson, Ph.D. Former Global Head
Operational Excellence and Capability Development
Credit Suisse

New Book Shows Executives The True Meaning of “Success”

Things are running like clockwork. Profits are high, salary is excellent, perks are plentiful. The media is calling, coverage is positive. Then poof . . . it’s gone. Like many entrepreneurs, Brian Gast lived in a bubble – filled with delusions of grandeur and a sense of import. In his new book, THE BUSINESS OF WANTING MORE: Why Some Executives Move From Success To Fulfillment And Others Don’t, Gast shares not only his personal story, but presents the transformational Q7 Process which will help executives, struggling between success and happiness, achieve both.
Somewhere along his journey, Gast says, “I became fascinated by the workings of the psyche and committed myself to dissolving the illusions that kept me from seeing what was true about myself and the world. . .Something deep inside told me that my life was no accident; that I, in fact, was uniquely equipped to help busy executives discern what truly fulfills them. . . Taking what I learned about transforming human behavior, I created the Q7 Process to help executives move from success to fulfillment.”
The Q refers to the quadrant, one quarter of the four-dimensional grid comprised of Feeling, Acting, Thinking, and Being; the 7 refers to the seven steps of the process. These steps span three stages: Preparation (steps 1, 2, and 3); Transformation (steps 4 and 5); and Integration (steps 6 and 7):
Step One: Take a Fearless Inventory of Your Life
Step Two: Create A Vision For Your Life
Step Three: Remove The Barriers To Fulfillment
Step Four: Burst Your Bubble
Step Five: Build Your Court Of Support
Step Six: Create a Personal-Practices Regimen
Step Seven: Draw A Road Map To Your Future
In THE BUSINESS OF WANTING MORE, readers will move through these seven steps, closely evaluating oneself and identifying areas for change. Gast explains how following the program will integrate one’s leadership responsibilities with a whole-life view; tap unused skills; create better ways to respond to high-stress situations while generating more powerful results; and, most importantly, explore how to create a roadmap to success and fulfillment.
THE BUSINESS OF WANTING MORE is an essential handbook for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and start-up innovators that couldn’t be more timely or appropriate in today’s competitive and stressful business climate.
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About the Author
Brian Gast is an executive coach, corporate team facilitator, retreat leader, author, and speaker. Prior to launching Quadrant Corporation (, Gast was the co-founder and CEO of three companies, managing thousands of employees and raising hundreds of millions of dollars. He lives in Littleton, Colorado with his family.

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