Saturday, September 29, 2012

New technology from SMS Meer saves  energy

Energy saving, reduction of emissions and cost reduction are key buying arguments in all sectors of the steel and non-ferrous industry. The hydraulic system also offers great potential here. A new technical solution from SMS Meer provides considerable advantages.
Variable-speed pump control, VSP for short, enables an efficient hydraulic system with pressures of more than 450 bar. The two Russian large-diameter pipe producers, Vyksa Steelworks (OMK) and lzhorsky Trubny Zavod (Severstal), will soon be  using the VSP technology on two  gap closing presses (each with 25-MN pressing force and four pressing cylinders).
The general principle : the oil pressure is generated only on system inquiry--- that is only if it is actually required. Commercially available axial piston  pumps are used, control is via the speed of the servomotors. With energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, this technology fulfils the guidelines of the

SMS Meer ‘Ecoplants’’ systems.
Setup is performed without proportional valve technology and throttling of the hydraulic power typical for conventional systems with corresponding heating of oil is dispensed with completely. As a result  an extremely energy-saving and low-loss hydraulic system can be built up –and in fact not only with ‘’small’’ systems, but also with high pressing forces as well as with several hydraulic axles.

Only the oil pressure and volumetric  flow that are actually required by the system are generated. In  this respect, the motors only run  during the main machine function (e.g.pressing process), but are idle in the non-productive time. This means less power consumption and lower noise emissions.The structure also enables return feed into the power supply system, for instance from the compression energy of oil.

Hydraulic systems with VSP require neither a cooling system nor a central hydraulic station with a large tank. The  costs of housings or hydraulic cellars as well as long pipelines are eliminated. All hydraulic components are mounted directly onto or on top of the machine in an  easy-to-maintain way.

Longer lifetime of the oil also contributes to low repair costs as well as to a small  number of wearing parts. Since the components are provided with a modular structure and are thus easily exchangeable this results here too in a cost advantage.

Integrated control of the pump parameters also allows preventive maintenance. This means  that it is noticeable when a component should be replaced in the near future.

Front-loading  press with 25 percent lower energy  consumption

Constellium Singen  from Baden-Wurttemberg , Germany, has placed an order with SMS Meer, Germany, for the Supply of a new front-loading press for aluminum profiles. The company will be  able to produce around 20,000 t of profiles per year on the press.

Diethelm Wompner, project Manager at Constellium Singen : ‘’We are replacing several older presses with the new front-loading press as it is more energy-efficient, fully automated and operates with a far higher productivity.’’ SMS Meer supplies everything from a single source, from the erection through to commissioning.
The new front-loading press generates a press generates a press force of 44 MN and extrudes 10’’ logs with a length of up to 1,500 mm. The maximum profile width is 400 mm. Round cross-sections up to approx. 350 mm diameter can be extruded.

‘’All  electric motors comply with the new, highest energy efficiency class’’ says Hans-Uwe Rode, Sales Manager at SMS Meer.

Contrary to earlier drive solutions, motors which are not required are switched off or on by soft starters. Road : ‘’as a result, the customer saves around 25 percent in energy. The new press thus meets the demands of the SMS Meer ecoplants concept.’’

The new  front-loading press is scheduled  to go into operation at the beginning of 2013.

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