Saturday, September 15, 2012


New Delhi : Bhadrapada 24, 1934
Saturday, September 15, 2012

The golden jubilee of OTA Chennai has a silver lining. A whopping 379 officers including 288 gentlemen and 71 ladies –one of the largest, in its half a century old history- passed out of the Academy in a glittering ceremony marked by military splendor. The batch also included 20 cadets from Afghanistan who are slated to join the Afghan National Army. The parade was reviewed by Lt Gen AK Singh, General-Officer-Commanding- in – Chief Southern Command . Speaking on the occasion, the General complimented the young officers for choosing the profession of arms.

Addressing the cadets, Lt Gen AK Singh, spoke of the uniqueness of military leadership. He said that “on joining the Army, you virtually sign an unlimited liability contract to serve the nation, through thick and thin, and do as the organization ordains. But, in return the nation and the organization also assures you of a lifelong bond of looking after you and yours”. He called it a unique relationship based on trust and commitment. The Army Commander further added “as military leaders will deal with not issues of profit and loss but issues of life and death”.

The growing popularity of the profession of arms among the youth was further confirmed by the sizable strength of erstwhile corporate professionals who changed their tracks to be part of the Indian Army’s officer cadre.

“ There is a long and grueling training which precedes this festivity, encompassing physical training, educational competencies, weapon training, drill and social etiquette in addition to experiential conditioning in the skills and the attitudes needed for military success - in a short span of 49 weeks” said Lt Gen SS Jog, the Commandant while interacting with the media.

The OTA Chennai as a training institution has grown over nearly fifty years and the signs of ongoing improvement are visible everywhere. “When we celebrate our golden jubilee, next year, the OTA shall have moved way closer to a truly world class academy in terms of latest training facilities and infrastructure”, said Lt Gen Jog, the Commandant.  

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