Friday, February 25, 2011

News From China Education Resources, Inc.

Over 1.3 Million Teachers, Education Professionals & Students In China Are Now Using China Education Resources' Ever-Expanding Blog Site To Share New Ideas & Enhance Their Learning Experiences


(Vancouver, Canada & Beijing, China) – China Education Resources, Inc. (TSXV:CHN, Pink Sheets OTCQX:CHNUF), a leading technology provider of online learning, training courses and tools for teachers, students and education professionals in China, announced today that over 1.3 million teachers, education professionals and students in China are now using its education blog site to share new ideas and enhance their learning experiences in kindergarten through 12th grade.

"We are finding the exchange of ideas and education content on our blog site to be very dynamic and rewarding for our rapidly growing blogger audience. We've especially seen a tremendous increase in blogger use and interest during the past six months," said Chengfeng Zhou, CEO, China Education Resources. "While our blog site remains free to use and our paid subscription-fee Web portal continues to grow rapidly as well, we have future plans to integrate both sites with new interactive content as well as advertising and partnership opportunities."

"I view the China Education Resources' blog site as the ‘Facebook of the education industry' of China. With over 1.3 million teachers, education professionals and students sharing ideas on ways to improve online and classroom learning involving hundreds of classroom subjects, China Education Resources is definitely leading the way in becoming the true education and technology in China," said Richard Donovan, a senior education consultant specializing in languages and cultures, former educator at California State University and associate dean at the Defense Language Institute.

"I've been a longtime and enthusiastic user of the China Education Resources' blog site and subscription based Web site. I actually was still a student until two months ago when I formally became a teacher. After interacting on the blog site and participating in the certification training program, I really have developed a passion for teaching," said Wang Qian, Chengdu City of Sichuan Province.

"As we formalize plans to expand the education blog site for the millions of more users in the near future, we are also evaluating methods for integrating exciting new content, advertising and partnership opportunities. While I recently read in the news that financial industry professionals placed a value of $80 to $100 per Facebook user, China Education Resources is also taking a hard look at its business strategy to significantly increase its visibility, usefulness and value to all participants in the education sector in China," said Zhou.

In collaboration with China's education administrators and experts, China Education Resources is helping to transform the curriculum of the world's largest educational system. Recognizing the need to address education reform changes, China Education Resources has created educational tools and curricula for China's entire kindergarten through twelfth grade system. Helping to convert the existing educational system from a memory-based learning system to a creative thinking and interactive approach, the company is playing an integral part in transforming China's educational system. China Education Resources is the only public company approved by China education authorities to provide national teacher certification for kindergarden through 12th grade education professionals.

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