Friday, February 25, 2011

Economic Survey Calls for A Second Green Revolution

Recalling the pioneer work by agriculture scientists and farmers to achieve a breakthrough in the agriculture sector in the 1960s, the Survey observes that the country has not witnessed any big technological breakthrough in agriculture since then. The food safety net for each and every of the over a billion citizens requires enhanced agriculture production and productivity in the form of a Second Green Revolution.

The Survey points out that the country is likely to achieve a more production of wheat (81.47 million tonnes), pulses (16.51 million tonnes) and cotton (33.93 million bales of 170 kg each) this year in spite of drought in some States, cyclones, unseasonal and heavy rains and cold wave and frost condition in several parts. Still, special attention is required for achieving higher production and productivity levels in pulses, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, which had remained untouched in the First Green Revolution but are essential for nutritional security. It suggests efforts to achieve high production of poultry, meat and fisheries.

Stressing on the development of infrastructure support in agriculture and allied sector, the Survey says that the relative weak supply responses to price hike in agriculture commodities, specially food articles in recent brings into the focus the Central question of efficient supply management and more investment in agriculture and allied sectors with the right strategies, policies and intervention.

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