Friday, February 25, 2011


Kolkata, February 25,  2011:


 "One of the big positive signs from this budget, according to me, is that the freight loading target that was set has been more or less achieved and the target for 2011-12 has been increased to 990 million tonne. While this is an achievable target, the railways will have to add on sufficient rolling stock to its fleet to meet the target. In particular, sufficient quantity of wagons will have to be pro-cured. This would, in turn, be beneficial to the industry at large."However, we believe that the Indian wagon industry has sufficient capacity to cater to the railways demand and additional capacity creation by setting up new plants may not be desirable in the long run as it would result in sub-optimization of capacity utilization," Another welcome step in the budget is the PPP policies in order to grow traffic such as wagon investment scheme, special freight train operator scheme etc. I believe that proper implementation of these would not only enable the railways to attract investments, but also get long term customer commitment for traffic growth" Mr Umesh Chowdhary, vice chairman and MD, Titagarh Wagons

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