Saturday, October 1, 2011

TOP HUMAN CAPITAL Expert, yael Zofi, writes New Book On Maximizing The Power Of Teamwork, Even When Team Members Are Worlds Apart

Spurred by the rise of technology and globalization, there is a new face to the workforce- virtual teams. Today people routinely work on projects with colleagues who do not work in the same building, the same city, or even the same country. Virtual teams are reshaping the way we do business. But how to create and manage these teams is a skill that many managers have not yet been trained for. Enter human capital expert and consultant, Yael Zofi.
How do business leaders and managers establish rapport with employees across continents and cultural differences? Can a strong team be built from widely dispersed people who’ve never met one another? How do leaders and managers keep track of what everybody is doing and when? In her new book, A MANAGER’S GUIDE TO VIRTUAL TEAMS, Zofi,founder of the human capital consulting firm AIM Strategies (WWW.aim-Strategies.Com), offers a roadmap for success, drawing on more than twenty years as a global consultant specializing in teamwork, vivid case studies, and extensive interviews with virtual team leaders and members.

Zofi starts at the beginning, identifying the three stages of developing a virtual team: set up, follow-through, and refresh. Who should be part of the team? What are the team goals? Who is responsible for what? She then examines the communication issues that are unique to teams that are not sitting in the same building or the same city; discusses how to develop accountability; maintain productivity; as well as special issues that arise when team members are in countries where the cultures differ dramatically.

A MANAGER’S GUIDE TO VIRTUAL TEAMS FEATURES Zofi’s proprietary Wheel of Trust model, which includes powerful tools to help teams develop and ensure trust without face-to-face interaction; delves into seven key GlobaLeadership Dimensions; and introduces the eight characteristics of high-performing virtual teams.

A MANAGER’S GUIDE TO VIRTUAL TEAMS is a blueprint that will help any organization realize the success of developing and managing highly efficient and productive virtual teams, keeping their business competitive and profitable in this expanded landscape landscape of telecommuters, freelancers, vendors, and remote based team members.

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