Thursday, July 19, 2012

World Steel Association and China Iron and Steel Association hold 1st LCA and Steel Seminar in China

Beijing, 19 July 2012 – The World Steel Association (worldsteel) in partnership with the China Iron and Steel Association today held the 1st Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Steel Seminar in Beijing, China. This is part of worldsteel’s focus to ensure the sustainability of steel in the economy and to advocate the vital role of life cycle thinking as a precursor to a successful sustainable economy.

Discussions centred on the role of LCA in evaluating the sustainability of steel, with a particular focus on the automotive and construction sectors in China. The event attracted nearly 100 participants from all sectors related to the steel industry, including steel-producing companies and their customers as well as government officials, academia and media. 

Dr. Xiaogang Zhang, worldsteel Chairman and Ansteel President said: “The Chinese steel industry recognises the need for life cycle assessment and the importance of considering all phases of a product cycle - production, manufacture, the use phase and end-of-life recycling and disposal - leading to a true picture of the environmental consequences of material choice. This makes LCA essential for the sustainable development of the Chinese economy. The seminar today showed the leadership of the steel industry in driving a more sustainable future and its commitment toward a greener economy.”

Dr. Edwin Basson, worldsteel Director General, said: “The World Steel Association is pleased to have this joint opportunity with CISA to engage with the Chinese steel industry and its customers. LCA is increasingly proposed as the basis for environmental regulation and standards worldwide and I am particularly impressed with the high level of interest and proactive participation from Chinese companies. Life cycle thinking is vital for a sustainable future.”

worldsteel has undertaken a series of LCA initiatives. It has developed one of the first global sector databases for life cycle inventory data. The datasets provide the most accurate and comprehensive data on the environmental profile of 16 key products, representative of the spectrum of steel production. worldsteel has also been a sponsor of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Life Cycle Initiative (LC Ini) since 2009.

• Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used for the systematic evaluation of the environmental impact of a product or material and its carbon footprinting. The key aspect of this tool is a review through all the stages of a product’s life from raw materials and production to use and eventual disposal or recycling.

• The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world. worldsteel represents approximately 170 steel producers (including 17 of the world's 20 largest steel companies), national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. worldsteel members represent around 85% of world steel production.

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