Thursday, July 26, 2012

Victorinox Limited Edition 7 Function Classic Series

The new Classic series from Victorinox presents diverse and assorted designs to compliment one’s personality and persona. Available in 10 different patterns, this pocket knife perfectly blends artistic version with Swiss precision. This exquisite and limited edition series lives up to the company’s motto of functionality, quality, innovation and design and conveys the message ‘companion for life’.
Through their unique artwork they beautifully combine passion for design with outstanding versatility. With a top lacquer the imprint is protected against scratches and assures a long lasting wear when exposed to neighboring keys.
1.      Prime stainless steel converted into scissors
2.      a small blade or letter opener
3.      a nail filer
4.      a screwdriver
5.      a toothpick
6.      tweezers
7.      key ring
MRP: 1000 INR
Availability: at all leading Outlets including Basecamp, Shoppers Stop, Staples, Crossword, Reliance Depot, Reliance Timeout, William Pens and Debenhams.

Victorinox Traveler Set

·         Expedition, excursion or any experience—no journey is complete without Victorinox Traveler Set.
·         Following the company’s motto of functionality, iconic design, innovation and quality, the set also comprises of Maglite Flashlight with bright light for emergency and otherwise, Thermometer to measure temperature at any altitude in degree centigrade and Fahrenheit, Compass to direct and guide when lost and numerable other functions that stand to fulfill all needs and objectives of a traveler.
1.      Liquid compass
2.      Spirit level
3.      Thermometer °C/°F
4.      Magnifying lens
5.      Ruler (cm/ inches)
6.      Flashlight Maglite
7.      Large blade
8.      Small blade
9.      Corkscrew
10.  Can opener with
11.  –small screwdriver (also for Phillips screws)
12.  Bottle opener with
13.  –screwdriver
14.  –wire stripper
15.  Reamer, punch
16.  Scissors
17.  Multi-purpose hook
18.  Wood saw
19.  Mini- screwdriver
20.  Pin, stainless steel
21.  Key ring
22.  Tweezers
23.  Toothpick
24.  Pressurized ball point pen
MRP: 5560 INR
Availability: at all leading Outlets including Basecamp, Shoppers Stop, Staples, Crossword, Reliance Depot, Reliance Timeout, William Pens and Debenhams.

Victorinox WT 4.0 Dual Caster

Werks Traveler™ 4.0 Dual Caster includes a combination of features that set it apart from the competition and get you to your destination. The variety of colours, ease of use and large capacity make WT 4.0 Dual Caster ideal for both leisure and business travel alike.

With four wheels to maneuver the baggage, it is ideal for any travel and not sacrificing on any of its feature; it retains innovation, design, quality and functionality like every Victorinox product.

Designed to be lightweight without sacrificing durability, the WT 4.0 Dual-Caster weighs just 6.9 lbs / 3.1 kg, making it 25% lighter than any bag in its class.

The spacious dual-caster bag provides ultimate control when maneuvering through tight spaces. The dual-caster construction allows for 360°, zero weight-in-hand maneuverability and provides a wider overall contact point for a smooth roll and maximum stability.

The dual-trolley handle system locks into three different positions to accommodate travelers of various heights and easily adjusts when transitioning from pushing the bag upright to pulling it on two-wheels. The handle also allows you to easily rest another bag on top of the upright when traveling with multiple bags.

The innovative design ensures maximum storage space including hanging zippered pocket, Y-shaped compression straps and a removable garment suiter.

MRP: 16,940 INR onwards

Availability: at all leading outlets including Basecamp and Shoppers Stop.

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