Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Siemens receives final acceptance certificate from SDI Roanoke for holistic process model with Lomas offgas monitoring which is reducing conversion costs in its electric steel plant
In April, the U.S. steelmaker, Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) of Roanoke, Virginia, USA, issued the final acceptance certificate for the Simetal EAF Heatopt system installed by Siemens. The newly developed holistic process model combines modern measurement technologies like the Lomas off-gas analyzer with an intelligent control strategy. The system is used to monitor the offgases from an electric arc furnace, and makes an important contribution toward optimizing the process. It has reduced conversion costs by more than 1.5 USD per ton. This was the first time that a Lomas system had been installed in an electric arc furnace. Siemens is already the market leader for installing this technology in LD steelmaking converters.

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