Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finshore Club Launched.

The Kolkata based financial advisory services provider, Finshore Management Services Limited has launched the Finshore Club – offering a unique basket of services to its members. From filing of various statutory returns to professional services in the fields of financial planning to risk coverage, the entire gamut of services will be made available to members at a very nominal fee. Additionally, on joining the members will also be provided with free insurance which is being viewed as the USP of the scheme.

“We all have to engage the services of various professionals for various compelling reasons” said Lakshman Srinivasan, the Managing Director of the company. “This involves a huge amount of running around which I have personally abhorred and have therefore come up with this service, where you can avail of all the experts and the logistical support in a single window. The free insurance coverage will be the icing on the cake.” The sheer number of members that the company hopes to cater to, will ensure economies of scale, thereby helping it to hire and retain the services of some of the top names in the professional domain.

The Finshore Club will provide a host of services to its members catering to the various needs of an individual. FC will offer a unique opportunity to people from all walks of life. Members can avail of personal financial advisory services as well as career planning guidance from industry experts. Soft skill development and personal grooming sessions will also be undertaken regularly. FC members will also have an option to work towards financial freedom through a referral model through which they can earn incentives.

The company is in the process of computerising the entire process to make things even more user friendly and plans to open offices in multiple locations to reach out to its members in a more effective manner. “The idea will be to grow both vertically by offering more and more services and horizontally into newer geographical areas so that we may increase our member base by becoming more efficient and effective in the services rendered.”

 The company has also submitted its red herring prospectus and has plans to go public in the near future. “Listing will give us the natural advantage of being in the public domain and a free float comes with a whole lot of inherent advantages which we would want to leverage for the benefit of our members and shareholders.”     

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